Published November 22, 2016

A Day in the Life of Captain Marvel

Follow Carol Danvers through her regular routine.

Captain Marvel

In MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL Carol Danvers found herself back at the helm as commander of Alpha Flight. As one of the world’s toughest Super Heroes, she had a lot on her plate. We asked writer Margaret Stohl what a typical day would look like for this acclaimed hero.

“Just because you’re the strongest person on the planet doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. Carol has gotten all of Alpha Flight into BossFit, the hard-core workout regimen she devised herself. Puck named it BossFit the first time she bossed them all into doing it with her—and now no one can escape it. Not even Squatch…”

“At the end of every morning, Carol checks in with NASA, the US Joint Chiefs, the U.N., and S.H.I.E.L.D. to assess the best use of Alpha Flight resources. Carol takes her role as commander of Alpha Flight very seriously. Besides, when the Alpha Flight Board comes calling, she’ll have to defend her every decision.”

Captain Marvel

“Carol’s Alpha Flight ops vary with any given day. One afternoon she might find herself answering an S.O.S. from a hidden satellite base in Antarctica, while the next she could end up exploring a disturbance at an alien refugee camp in the EU. Whether her missions take her deeper into space or back to Earth, Captain Marvel always fights for intergalactic justice, freedom and equality.”

“Girls Only Game Night. Everyone has to blow off steam now and then; some nights, Carol has a rotating card game with Maria Hill, Jess Drew—when she has babysitting— and Natasha Romanoff. Other friends come and go, as you’ll see in MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #0. What goes down behind closed doors? Junk food and pizza and gossip, the Women of Marvel at their finest and friendliest.”

“When Carol can actually get to sleep, she turns in on the early side. More often than not, though, she tosses and turns, thinking about unresolved crises or impending conflicts. Carol doesn’t have an easy job, and she doesn’t wear the crown lightly. Still, when she does crash, she goes out like a rock—good thing, too. Especially with that 6 AM workout …”


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