Published September 11, 2019

Absolute Carnage: Part 3 | Marvel Ultimate Comics

Catch up with Norman Osborn as the horror event explodes...

ABSOLUTE CARNAGE continues to wreak havoc across the mighty Marvel Universe, leaving every hero, citizen, and even villain at risk. And the unhinged journey of Norman Osborn continues with it...

Previously, Norman, under the illusion that he was Cletus Kasady, was sent on a mission by the real Cletus Kasady to capture his grandson, Normie Osborn. When Norman arrived to do the deed, however, his son Harry blew him up. And now this brand-new Marvel Ultimate Comic reveals what happens next...

How does this impact the horror event of the decade? What happens now? With Cletus Kasady at the center of the action, there's no way to know...

GILES PANTON – Norman Osborn/Carnage/Bystander 2
RHONA REES – Bystander 1/Utility Worker 2
LEE MAJDOUB – Bystander 3/Utlility Worker 1
SEAN RYAN – Writer
VIDU – Storyboards and Animation

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