Published July 18, 2023

'Alien Annual' #1 Launches a War Between Xenomorphs

This October, Declan Shalvey and Danny Earls team up for a frightening new chapter in the Alien mythos.

Over the last year, writer Declan Shalvey and artist Andrea Broccardo have taken the Alien franchise to dark new depths in the current ongoing ALIEN comic series. Set on an remote moon, the series has unearthed all-new horrors in the iconic horror/science-fiction mythos, including a chilling subspecies of Xenomorphs that have thawed out of an icy slumber!

The mystery and methods of these new Xenomophs are still being revealed, but this October, readers will get up close and personal with these new terrors in a double-sized ALIEN ANNUAL! Teaming up with rising talent Danny Earls, Shalvey will further explore these new creations as they go head-to-head with their classic counterparts. With no humanity in sight, fans will see Xenomorphs unleashed on eachother in brutal fashion as this action-packed and standalone issue sets up the next era of ALIEN comic book storytelling!

Alien vs. Alien: Pity the Xeno! A Xenomorph queen and her hive descend on a dark world. As always, they’re eager to eliminate any species they encounter and stand poised to overrun this planet like they have so many others. Until the native life fights back... 

"Writing ALIEN has been a fantastic experience so far, digging into the desolate horror the franchise allows on the Thaw storyline with a diehard collaborator like Andrea Broccardo,” Shalvey shared. “With this upcoming annual, I get to expand on the world we've built with a ferocious battle of monsters by the excellent Danny Earls, whose stark shadows and organic shapes are perfect for a series like this. I promise that no humans will survive this tale."

ALIEN ANNUAL #1 cover by Declan Shalvey

On Sale 10/4

Check out the issue’s main cover drawn by Shalvey below and pick up ALIEN ANNUAL #1 this October!

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