Published September 29, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man: Black and White Legacy

What’s happened to The Daily Bugle?

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After Parker Industries goes defunct, Peter Parker heads back to the illustrious halls of “The Daily Bugle.” On October 25, writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen bring Spidey down a few notches—and into Marvel Legacy—with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #790!

Sometimes, when life pushes you down, you have to pick yourself up, start back at square one, and find a new path. Even if that means ending up back at your old high school job. Well, hope you at least got a pay raise, Spidey.

In response to this news, there will always be some unhappy people ready to voice their opinions…

Letter to the Editor

Just what, pray tell, has become of “The Daily Bugle”? I have not seen it so low since it literally got destroyed—the first or second time. Why, I remember when this great media outlet began back in 1897 (figuratively speaking) it really stood for something (literally and figuratively speaking); it provided an unbiased and accurate news outlet for the people.

When J. Jonah Jameson ran the place as Editor-in-Chief, to be sure, there were some hard times and he made some bad choices—like accidentally turning that private investigator into The Scorpion. And assuming you can forget the paper’s stint as the glorified tabloid, “The DB,” after JJJ briefly lost control of the paper to Dexter Bennett. But throughout his tenure, he maintained excellent daily news and fair coverage of the costumed crusaders known as “super heroes.”

Over the years, the paper has played host to its fair share of super powered scoundrels. I have it on good authority that Jeff Mace and Mary Morgan went off the deep end, becoming Patriot and Miss Patriot back in the 1940s. Followed more recently by the rude PI, Jessica Jones. But at least she doesn’t wear a mask—an air of transparency that we can all appreciate.

Thankfully, very few employees at the Bugle seemed to share as strong a bias toward these vigilantes as the young photographer, Peter Parker, who seemed to have a particular obsession with Spider-Man.

Now, as a seasoned reporter, Jameson never let this kind of staff favoritism alter his coverage of the webbed weirdo—or any other super hooligans for that matter. He alone gave us the real story of the New Avengers (a truly fine bunch—what with a wanted murderer and a few other unsavory types on the roster). And the paper’s strong endorsement of the Super Hero Registration Act mirrored the public demand to hold these heroes responsible for their actions.

Yet, since the mantel of Editor-in-Chief passed to a less committed man, Joe Robertson, I have been sorely disappointed to watch the paper’s tough stance on these masked criminals falter. And don’t let me even begin on that outrageous feature section “The Pulse”—clearly a ploy to gain readers with a clueless infatuation with these unnatural delinquents. I fear this will only worsen with the potential rehire of Parker.

I can only hope that, if “The Daily Bugle” remains determined to hire young persons like Peter Parker, they put them in less-pivotal roles where their personal biases might not besmirch the paper’s content. Here’s an idea: use them as in-house exterminators.

Be warned—if the paper continues to glorify these so-called “heroes,” I will be forced to end my longtime subscription and take my readership to “The Daily Globe.” Unless Parker and his silly band of Spider-fans somehow crawled their way into that establishment as well.

-Realistic Reader in New York, New York

Can Peter rise above the naysayers and take the Bugle, and his personal life, into a flourishing new era? Find out on October 25 with writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #790!


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