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Published July 2, 2024

'Marvel: Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook' Brings You 60+ Recipes From the Spider-Verse

Pick up your friendly neighborhood guide to cuisine from NYC, the Spider-Verse and beyond! Available July 2, 2024. Read on for an exclusive Q&A with the authors!

If you've ever wanted to explore the Spider-Verse, now you can go on an adventure—with your tastebuds!

Marvel: Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook is now available, and we can't wait to dive into these delicious dishes, delivering the best of New York City's diverse cuisines.

Narrated by the web-slinger himself, Spider-Man’s guide to NYC’s iconic cuisine features his favorite hometown recipes, as well as those of fellow neighborhood Super Heroes and friends from across the Spider-Verse.

With great recipes, there must also come great share. Spider-Man’s decided to do just that, pairing recipes for his favorite New York City dishes with action-packed anecdotes. From Aunt May’s Wheatcakes to Miles Morales’s Arañitas to Wong’s Chai Tea Latte, Spidey turns each meal into a culinary adventure.

60+ RECIPES: Enjoy more than 60 of Spider-Man and Co.’s favorite recipes for appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages from all over New York City!

BRING NYC HOME: Cook up recipes from all around the five boroughs and enjoy the global influence that makes the city a true melting pot.

ENTER A MULTIVERSE OF FLAVOR: This cookbook also features contributions from Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider, and more heroes from across the Spider-Verse!

PERFECT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Great for beginners and experienced chefs alike, this cookbook will help you prepare amazing dishes inspired by your favorite Super Heroes for your friends and family.

COMPLETE YOUR MARVEL COLLECTION: This cookbook stands alongside fan-favorite cookbooks such as Avengers Campus: The Official Cookbook: Recipes from Pym's Test Kitchen and BeyondMarvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook, and Marvel Comics: Cooking with Deadpool.

Marvel: Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook

Marvel: Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook
Your Friendly Neighborhood Guide to Cuisine from NYC, the Spider-Verse & Beyond

By Jermaine McLaughlin, Paul Eschbach and Von Diaz
ISBN13: 9798886631951
Publisher: Insight Editions
Length: 160 pages
Release Date: July 2, 2024

Read on for an exclusive Q&A with authors Jermaine McLaughlin, Paul Eschbach and Von Diaz!


The cookbook features contributions from web-slinging heroes across the Spider-Verse. How did you decide which characters to include and what their recipes would be?

Jermaine McLaughlin: You can flip the question. The recipes were our guide. The Spider-Verse has given us a treasure trove of amazing new Spider-Heroes. So rather than randomly picking one hero or another, we realized that the recipe should pick the web warrior. Whether it be Miles and what became his mom’s recipe for SPAM fried rice, or Ghost Spider’s dad driving her love for Eggplant Parmesan, the Spider-Verse provided us some great characters to go with these delicious recipes. There was no way we were going to let Peter tackle every recipe on his own. Having Gwen and Miles (and a few additional surprises) representing web-slingers from across the Multiverse really added to the fun of writing this book. 

Paul Eschbach: For recipes, we tied in locations first to include all five boroughs and then went back to see if there were character tie-ins, i.e. the Yule Log, which referenced Luke Cage's 'Sweet Christmas' catchphrase.

Von Diaz: Miles Morales is Spider-Man's favorite protégé (or "intern" as he calls him), so of course he'd be featured in this awesome cookbook. Miles' mom is Puerto Rican, and his heritage was the main inspiration for his recipes. That and his deep love of Brooklyn. The Arañitas (aka Little Spiders) are a simple fried plantain snack, and a staple for Brooklyn's large Puerto Rican community. And the Canned Meat Fried Rice is a nod to the city's ubiquitous Chinese take-out spots, and the kinds of dishes that make you think of home. 


How do you think the cookbook highlights the legacy of Spider-Man and his connection to New York City?

Jermaine McLaughlin: Growing up and currently residing in New York myself, Spidey will always be a character near and dear to my heart. He’s Forest Hills. He’s Midtown. He’s Grand Army Plaza. He’s Pelham Bay. Spidey IS New York. A legion of spectacular writers and artist over the years have painted one heck of a picture of the sights that make up Peter’s New York. It’s my hope this cookbook can add something to that legacy. A tour of the five boroughs (via webline of course), that will add a little flavor to your next adventure with everyone’s favorite wall-crawler.

Paul Eschbach: What creates more of a connection than food?  Spider-Man spinning his way through all five boroughs to show us his favorite foods and recipes shows us how much of a real New Yorker he is!  Not to mention we made sure there was something for everyone in there.

Von Diaz: I can't imagine anyone better suited to explore the city's culinary delights than Spider-Man! Swinging through the city as he does, he can see and smell all the city has to offer, and the different flavors and cultures that make NYC so special and unique. 


About the Authors

Jermaine McLaughlin is a London (UK)-born, Brooklyn-based writer, comic historian, and collector of entirely too many action figures. He's a twenty-year veteran of the comic book industry from his time at DC Comics, whose work has been featured on the sites Syfy Wire and The Beat. His work is also featured prominently in the Marvel Comics Library series from Taschen, specifically the collections for The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four.

Paul Eschbach is a Michelin star chef with 25 years of professional culinary experience. He spent almost 10 years living in NYC as a young cook and chef. He’s lived in China, Japan, and the West Coast. Currently, he resides on the North Fork of Long Island with his daughter and wife, and dog Kona.

Von Diaz is an Emmy Award-winning documentarian, food historian, and author of Coconuts & Collards: Recipes and Stories form Puerto Rico to the Deep South and Islas: A Celebration of Tropical Cooking. Her work has been featured in the New York TimesThe Washington PostNPRStoryCorpsFood & Wine Magazine, and Bone Appétit, among many others.


Marvel: Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook is now on shelves, everywhere books are sold!

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Marvel: Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook


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