Published August 22, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows – Parker Family Values

Jody Houser and Nick Roche on Legacy’s leap into Peter and MJ’s future!

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As the start of Marvel Legacy heralds the return of a few favorite characters, team configurations, costumes, and more, the up-and-coming heroes of the Universe continue to propel Marvel tradition forward—and no series serves as a greater example of that than AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS!

On November 22, the Spider-family swings into Legacy as writer Jody Houser and artist Nick Roche present issue #13! Eight years into the future, Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s daughter, Annie, is in high school—and fights crime alongside her mom and dad!

We caught up with RENEW YOUR VOWS creative duo Jody and Nick to learn more about the Parker family’s newest chapter. Issue #13 is called “Eight Years Later.” What does that mean for Spidey, MJ, and Annie?

Jody Houser: Jumping forward puts Annie in high school—and there will be more of a focus on her school life than we’ve seen before—but overall it’s still the story of the Parker family.

Nick Roche: Annie will be the focus of the biggest changes for sure—we last saw her as an eight-year-old, so nearly an entire lifetime has passed for her ahead of our run on the book. The new dynamic she has with her parents also reflects in her attitude about her super powers. But she’s not the only one in the Parker family experiencing some serious changes… Seeing Peter and Mary Jane together—and getting to know their daughter—seems like the perfect old-yet-new combination to add to Marvel Legacy.

Nick Roche: For sure! Legacy lives in the form of Annie May Parker—who’s now roughly the same age as Pete when he got his powers after being bitten by that radioactive [Note: Can you add in the correct creature that bit Peter in here? I want to say penguin? Was it a squirrel…? I’m blanking].

It’s interesting to see how Annie copes with the responsibilities associated with her abilities. But there’s something quite joyous about Peter and MJ together so far down the line, still each other’s best friend and ally. And with a super powered teenager in the house, they’ll need all the support they can get.

Jody Houser: Having a daughter who really represents the next generation of heroes feels very much in-line with Marvel Legacy. And as someone who has always been a fan of the alternate universes in Marvel, I’m excited to be contributing to that legacy as well. Annie contributes to the Spider-Man legacy and also stands out as a hero on her own—what’s it like creating the teenage version of this character?

Jody Houser: It’s a lot of fun. Having a character who is the child of a legend—but treats him like a dorky dad—adds such a great dynamic. She’s grown up with special abilities and punching villains as the norm around her house, so it’s fascinating seeing her life as a teenager.

Nick Roche: Well, I feel that [writer] Gerry Conway, [artist] Ryan Stegman, and now Jody are her real parents. Her new look has already been established ahead of my participation, so I’m more like a well-meaning uncle trying to keep up with his cool niece. Though I did feel a tingle when I drew her first appearance in comic book form. The trick is to draw the book like you don’t care about the weight of expectation, but make it look like it’s all you care about. I’m associated forever with her now—and it feels great. Now that we’re in the Legacy era, will any other classic elements of SPIDER-MAN lore show up in the book moving forward?

Jody Houser: You’ll definitely see some familiar faces from Spidey’s rogues’ gallery—as well as some of the heroes he’s come to know. We’re telling very classic, fun super hero stories in this book.

Nick Roche: Even in the RENEW YOUR VOWS-iverse, the roster of amazing Marvel characters extends in infinite directions. Issue #13 gets bookended by some bucket list guest appearances from Spidey’s rogues’ gallery. And I know for a fact that one or two of his pals poke their super sensitive (in some cases) noses around the door to see how the Parkers are getting on.

But Jody writes great “off-duty” hero scenes, so the sections where Pete, MJ, and Annie are lovingly bickering at home are just as interesting to read (and draw!) as the amazing action she’s built her story around. Anything else we can expect from the Parkers?

Jody Houser: Dad jokes! So many dad jokes.

Nick Roche: I’m worried that Marvel will bill me for having so much fun on their dime. I hope the blast we’re having on the book becomes evident on the page—and that it convinces loyal RENEW YOUR VOW readers that the book they fell in love with is as fun as it’s ever been.

Witness the Marvel Legacy launch of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #13, by Jody Houser and Nick Roche, on November 22!


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