Published October 27, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows – Years Gone By

Jody Houser takes the Parker family into Marvel Legacy—and the future!

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Splitting time between heading to class in high school and fighting crime on the streets has always defined the Peter Parker dynamic. Now, however, Pete’s daughter Annie has taken over the duality of running to chem class and tying up super villains!

On November 22, new series writer Jody Houser and artist Nick Roche leap eight years into the future with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #13! The Marvel Legacy era begins for Peter, Mary Jane, and Annie May as they contend with home life and protecting New York City.

We caught up with Jody to learn more about the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Fam. Do you envision the Peter and Mary Jane of this series as different from the mainstream Marvel Universe?

Jody Houser: While their situation has changed in both cases, I don’t think the two of them as people have really changed much at all. That has always been one of my favorite things about alternate universe stories—seeing how the characters we know react to a universe we may not. Although in this case, I’m sure Peter and MJ wish their financial situation had changed more. A lot can change in eight years—especially for a kid like Annie. How has she changed as this issue starts? Has her relationship with her parents changed?

Jody Houser: She’s now a teenager and starts to feel stifled a bit. She loves her parents and still feels close to them, but she’s starting to wonder if the training wheels will ever come off. From her perspective, she’s around the age her dad was when he first became Spider-Man, but she has a lifetime of training and experience. She just wants them to see it that way too. What about this time jump excites you as a writer? What challenges and opportunities does it present you with?

Jody Houser: The time jump ties very much into the idea of Legacy for me. Annie stands at a point where she’s thinking very much about college, the future, the shape of her adult life. She wants to decide who she’s going to be, what kind of hero she wants to be. How has the larger world of this book changed over those eight years?

Jody Houser: The world itself has progressed quietly, with new advances in technology and such, but nothing overly dramatic or world-altering—other than the usual attempts to take over or destroy the world, I’m sure. But even those kinds of changes can have a big impact on our characters, who still depend on things like traditional newspapers to make a living. How has artist Nick Roche aided you in realizing this alternate world?

Jody Houser: Nick has been amazing to work with in terms of establishing the new family dynamic and making the super hero action exciting. Honestly, I feel like I’m on the right path when he’s excited to draw something in the script. He also shares my love of fun Easter eggs. Rumor has it the family will encounter a new threat—what can you tease about that?

Jody Houser: Let’s just say that what seems to be the main threat they’re facing probably isn’t the main threat that they’re facing… What makes issue #13 a can’t-miss for readers?

Jody Houser: It’s classic super hero fun alongside Peter Parker: Dad Joke Edition. How can you miss that?

Check out Jody Houser and artist Nick Roche’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #13 on November 22!


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