Published October 18, 2019

"Another Must-Read X-Men Comic for 2019": Critics React to 'X-Men' #1

Get a full rundown of what critics are saying about the groundbreaking first ish!

This week, the first light of the Dawn of X appeared when X-MEN #1 began the new era of mutantkind.

X-MEN #1 variant cover by Artgerm

The new series is available right now your local comic shop—but if you need a little more of a promising primer ahead of your pretty purchase, we've collected a some critical reactions to the ish from across the world. Here's a spoiler-free lineup...

You Don't Read Comics: This is just an excellent comic. It really has it all—action, set-up, intrigue, and fantastic characterization. The X-Men are back.

All-Comic: X-MEN #1 is an eye opening issue that readers new and old should enjoy. Jonathan Hickman has earned the trust of readers with his body of work and has proven that he is almost unmatched in his storytelling ability. The pencils and colors add an amazing visual to the book and should make you smile as you scan each page. X-MEN #1 is the first step in a historic run for the mutants.

Comics Bookcase: X-MEN #1 has some fun in the HOUSE OF X that Hickman and his collaborators so expertly built. At the same time, it stokes the narrative tension we need to keep this world fresh. Another must-read X-Men comic for 2019. 

Newsarama: Given how high the stakes have been in HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X, it makes sense to bring things down to a simmer, especially since Hickman can act as a smooth launchpad for the rest of the X-Men series coming out over the next month. While this isn't as radical a reinvention as some of Hickman's previous issues, he and Yu continue the franchise's hot streak in X-MEN #1.

Rogues Portal: A heavyweight like Hickman obviously needs someone whos batting on his level enter Leinil Francis Yu. Fresh off a stint on Ta-Nehisi Coatess Captain America, Yu offers visuals at his austere best, with pencils inked by frequent collaborator Gerry Alanguilan and colors by Sunny Pho. X-MEN is a handsome book befitting Hickmans stoic but not emotionless script that also manages to look completely different from what Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva were doing on HoXPoX, and the diversity in visuals so far bodes well for the rest of the revitalized X-Men line moving forward.

AiPT!: X-MEN #1 brings mutants back to the character story which is a fan-favorite element that keeps these characters grounded, relatable, and interesting. The domestic lives of mutants are on full display and I can't wait to see how Hickman and Yu shatter the peace and tranquility of their lives. X-MEN is very good at generating excitement in the exchanges between characters.

Beyond the Panel: This book gave us a proper introduction into this new world of possibility. We got to see some of the new team, the new personalities to some of our favorite X-Men, more of Krakoa that we didn't see before, and the enemies we should brace ourselves for. It's a brave new world for the X-Men!

IGN: If you've been enjoying HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X over the past couple months, you'll want to read X-MEN #1. It's really as simple as that. As long as Marvel keeps teaming Hickman with talented artists like Yu, X-MEN seems primed to be one of the most exciting and talked about superhero stories published today.

Read X-MEN #1 at your local comic shop today!


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