Published October 14, 2021

An Issue 58 Years in the Making... 'Avengers' #750

Get your first glimpse inside the landmark mag right here!

COMMEMORATING LEGACY #750! A supersize extravaganza of Earth's mightiest action and surprises!

On November 24... Witness the jaw-dropping conclusion of "World War She-Hulk!" Learn the true purpose of the prehistoric Avengers! Uncover the shocking secret of the Iron Inquisitor! Behold the most powerful collection of super-psychopaths that any Earth has ever seen! Watch the Avengers recruit some shocking new members! And follow the Ghost Rider on a quest for vengeance across the Multiverse that will spark an all-new era in Avengers history! Plus... A bonus story featuring Thor by Christopher Ruocchio and Steve McNiven

AVENGERS #50 (Legacy #750) cover by Ed McGuinness
AVENGERS #750 cover by Ed McGuinness

Featuring awe-inspiring artwork from the best in the biz, AVENGERS #750 is written by Modern Marvel Master Mister Jason Aaron, with art from Javier Garrón, David Curiel, Ed McGuinnessAlex SinclairCarlos Pacheco, Rafael FontirezRachelle RosenbergAaron KuderMatt Hollingsworth, and more. Plus that special Odinson yarn by greats Christopher Ruocchio, Steve McNiven, and Frank D’Armata. It's all packed into one can't-miss comic mag, True Believers!

Prime your peepers with a peek at the gallery below, then pre-order with your local comic shop before reading it all for yourself on November 24!

AVENGERS #750 Preview Art by Javier Garrón, Colors by David Curiel



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