Published December 29, 2016

10 Times The Avengers Fought Giant Monsters

Relive historical battles pitting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against huge monsters!

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More known for combating menaces they’re able to look in the eye, the Avengers nonetheless can count several battles throughout their storied career with opponents on a much, much larger scale.

Avengers (1963) #17

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Working with his so-called “Kooky Quartet,” Captain America initiated a search for The Hulk that barrel-rolled into a confrontation with the Mole Man and his monstrous Minotaur.

Avengers Annual (1967) #1

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With a bevy of baddies led by The Mandarin attacking cities around the globe, the Avengers split up to tackle the tasks. In Africa, Thor and Hawkeye ran up against the towering Ultimo, who popped out of a volcano to give the heroes a hotfoot until they ultimately defeated him.

Avengers (1963) #1

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The Sons of Satannish cast spells that allowed the frost giant Ymir and the fire giant Surtur to trod the Earth, causing mayhem. The Avengers rushed in to drive the goliaths back, but it came down to Doctor Strange to break the evil spell.

Avengers (1963) #124

What is Marvel Unlimited?

The giant alien lizard known as the Star-Stalker proved more than a match for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes until the mysterious Mantis deduced the creature’s vulnerability to heat and directed The Vision to deliver a mortal strike with his solar eyebeams.

When the Avengers encountered Nuklo, the son of Golden Age hero The Whizzer, at an army base, they never imagined he’d grow to gigantic proportions and threaten to explode in a burst of deadly energy. Alas, it’s all in a day’s work for our heroes…

Avengers (1963) #180

What is Marvel Unlimited?

On a far-off South Pacific island, the Avengers tussled with Monolith, a hulking rock monster controlled by a strange native totem. While Thor and Vision wrestled with Monolith, Beast figured things out and the creature wound up in space.

Avengers (1963) #257

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Titanic Terminus, the ravager of entire worlds, threatened the Savage Land’s atmospheric controls, but the Avengers swooped in to topple the towering titan and divined the secret of not only his true identity, but his shocking weakness.

Avengers (1963) #292

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Namor the Sub-Mariner clashed with the Avengers in an attempt to curtail their battle against Leviathan, a giant sea creature on a rampage. As it turned out, the beast stood revealed as a transformed Marrina, a member of Alpha Flight and Namor’s beloved.

Avengers (1998) #40

What is Marvel Unlimited?

AVENGERS (1998) #40
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes found their hands full with a multitude of Diablo’s pseudo-Hulks, but recoiled in horror when a giant-size emerald imitator took the stage and demanded destruction. The tide finally turned when Bruce Banner, the original Hulk, took control of the strange situation as only he could.

The Mighty Avengers (2007) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Our list begins and ends with the Mole Man. A collection of heroes fought valiantly against a huge horde of the subterranean psychopath’s giant monsters, but it turned out to be merely a prologue to an even greater threat: a new Ultron.


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