Published March 29, 2024

'Avengers United' Concludes Its Epic 25-Issue Story Arc

Earth's Mightiest Heroes make their last stand for Ghesh in 'The Dead Moon: Chapter Five,' the finale of Derek Landy's 25-issue 'Avengers United' arc.

In AVENGERS UNITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #25, the finale of Derek Landy's epic 25-issue arc, the final battle for Gesh is on—and the fate of the entire planet hangs in the balance.

When Marvel Unlimited's AVENGERS UNITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) began, the Avengers became aware of the Ghesh's fight with Yun-To when a renegade known as the Brute hijacked a Gheshian vessel, wiping out its crew while attempting to careen the ship straight into Manhattan. Naturally, Earth's Mightiest Heroes couldn't stand for that, so they set out to discover the circumstances behind this incident. Their investigation led them right into Ghesh’s interplanetary civil war, where they found out the Ghesh's forces had brutally wiped out the people of Yun-To—a fact the government kept secret from its people.

AVENGERS UNITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #25 artwork by Marcio Fiorito
AVENGERS UNITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #25 artwork by Marcio Fiorito

Now, in AVENGERS UNITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #25 by Landy and Marcio Fiorito, the battle has reached its climax. Their backs up against a wall, the Avengers make a last ditch effort to rid themselves of the Brutes who were unleashed on them by Ghesh's traitorous Ambassador Sof. With Ghesh's future on the line, Earth's Mightiest Heroes must pull out all the stops in the finale to the story that started 25 weeks ago in AVENGERS UNITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #1.

Do the Avengers have what it takes to save Ghesh from the Brutes—and itself? Find out in AVENGERS UNITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #25, now available on Marvel Unlimited!

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