Published December 19, 2019

Go Back to the Future with ‘Spider-Man 2099’ #1

Throwback Thursday with this origin issue from the Marvel Unlimited archives!

With a new decade right around the corner, why not revisit the future landscape of Marvel? This week, we’re breaking down the origin of Spider-Man 2099, Nueva York’s wall-scaling vigilante and the first hero to spin out of the Marvel 2099 lineup! And, continue your journey to decades ahead with this month’s 2099 one-shot tales, all available in digital or print at a comic shop near you! Now, back to the future…

spider-man 2099

Marvel 2099 represented a multi-title initiative in the early 90s, imagining what a universe of Super Heroes might look like in the year 2099. Fueled by corporate interests and overrun by private police, 2099 is as bleak as it is advanced. And at the apex of power? Megacorporation Alchemax, a vast company responsible for everything from consumer needs, pharmaceuticals, to high-grade military weapons.

Alchemax engineer Miquel O’Hara represents a cog in this machine, albeit a flippant one. After being asked to use his gifts as a geneticist to create a living super weapon, O’Hara expresses his doubts, although he does share what he feels could be an ideal genetic model for Alchemax’s next “corporate raider”…

spider-man 2099

After getting hasty approval, O’Hara gives his “Geneprint” procedure a whirl on an unfortunate volunteer named Sims. Unsurprisingly, the entire ordeal is a disaster, with Sims transformed into more of a Spider-Monster, than a Spider-Man

spider-man 2099
“What the Shock!?”

Feeling responsible for a man’s death, O’Hara pleads with his boss Tyler Stone to accept his resignation, but is met with Stone’s flat-out refusal. Miquel is also unknowingly dosed with “Rapture”, a hallucinogenic drug cocktail that’s both pleasurable and addictive from first use. O’Hara is screwed—Stone has now got him hooked to Rapture, and the only legal supply comes through Alchemax.

Thankfully, Miquel has a way to reverse his addiction, however it requires him to strap into his own Geneprint machine to revert his genetic code back to a pre-Rapture state…

spider-man 2099
The birth of Spider-Man 2099!

Fellow engineer Aaron Delgato is actually the catalyst behind Miquel’s transformation. And while neither he nor Miquel realize it yet, this “Spider-Man” is far from Peter Parker’s clone…

spider-man 2099

Read Spider-Man 2099 #1 today by Peter David and Rick Leonardi for the full origin, and continue the saga with Spider-Man 2099 (1992), available in Marvel Unlimited!

Binge this series now with Marvel Unlimited, and gain access to 25,000+ digital comics to read anytime, anywhere. And, try our Marvel 2099 Reading Guide, here!


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