Published November 21, 2023

Ben Urich’s Hardest Hitting Stories

As Ben Urich takes charge of 'The Daily Bugle' in 'Daredevil' #3, revisit a few of his most important investigations in the Marvel Universe.

Of all the investigative journalists in the Marvel Universe, few are more experienced and influential than Ben Urich. A veteran newsman, Ben debuted in DAREDEVIL (1964) #153 as a Daily Bugle employee investigating the suspicious activity surrounding Wilson Fisk—long before the crime lord's position as the Kingpin became public knowledge. 

Despite not possessing any super-powers himself, Ben consistently speaks truth to power. He has exposed the secrets of the most dangerous villains in the world in the face of open threats and retaliation, including from his own bosses.

Here are the best moments of Ben Urich's professional career so far and the impact they've had on the Marvel Universe. After all, one ordinary person can make an enormously positive difference on the world around them, even in a universe full of super heroes.


Before any of his contemporaries, Ben realized one person was presiding over most of the organized crime in New York City. Eventually, his investigation led him to Fisk. Aware of Ben's snooping, Kingpin ordered Elektra Natchios to murder him, and she fulfilled her obligation by gravely wounding Ben when he refused to stop his digging into Fisk's criminal enterprises. Nevertheless, Ben emerged from this incident more determined than ever to expose Fisk as the Kingpin, even as the threats on his life and the lives of those around him escalated.

As Kingpin focused on dismantling Matt Murdock's life, he tasked an enforcer with monitoring and harassing Ben. This only hardened Ben's resolve, so he continued his investigation and shared details with the authorities, eventually subduing the Kingpin's enforcer himself. Though Kingpin escaped most the charges brought against him, his public reputation was tarnished forever through Ben's reporting, and the existence of a crime Kingpin became more widely accepted.


Kingpin isn't the only super villain with a grudge against Ben. The Green Goblin has had an ax to grind with the intrepid reporter since SPIDER-MAN: LEGACY OF EVIL (1996), where Ben started digging into Norman Osborn's history following the Oscorp tycoon's "death." Interviewing the people who knew Norman personally, including Spider-Man, Ben uncovered a twisted mean streak in both Norman's professional and personal life, even before he transformed into the Green Goblin. Ben even published a well-received book from his findings.

When Norman returned from the dead, he campaigned extensively to have Ben's book discredited in order to restore his reputation, threatening Ben's life and career in the process. After reporting that Norman was secretly released as part of a government deal in CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE (2006), Ben found himself fired from The Daily Bugle, and his journalistic integrity was called into question when he attempted to dig deeper. Ben's published scrutiny surrounding the Green Goblin continued while Norman was hailed as a hero in the aftermath of SECRET INVASION (2008), and he wrote another expose about the exonerated villain.


One of the hardest things a reporter must do is identify which stories are better left untold—something that Ben has done on multiple occasions because of his close relationships with super heroes. When Daredevil's secret identity as Matt Murdock was exposed, Ben refused to confirm this to J. Jonah Jameson and insisted that he must protect his sources. In response, Jameson reassigned Ben from The Daily Bugle to a specific section of the outlet covering super hero activity in PULSE (2004).

Within this new capacity, Ben played an instrumental role in the first-ever conviction of the Green Goblin after Norman killed a Daily Bugle reporter. During this investigation, Ben revealed to Spider-Man that he knew his true identity as Peter Parker, but kept this a secret, as he had for Daredevil. Given his years of research experience and natural skill in reading people, Ben is privy to some of the biggest secrets in the Marvel Universe, whether or not he chooses to share them.


Backed by a mysterious financial benefactor, Ben created Front Line—his own news agency—with fellow journalist Sally Floyd. One of Front Line's first major challenges was covering the Hulk and his Warbound's attack on New York City in WORLD WAR HULK (2007). Ben and Sally willingly put themselves in harm's way when the streets of Manhattan become an all-out battlefield between a coalition of heroes, the military, the Hulk, and his trusted associates.

While Ben was busy interviewing people on the scene, Sally discovered Front Line's secret financier was J. Jonah Jameson, who wanted to support his former colleagues' professional efforts. Sally agreed to keep this revelation a secret from Ben, and Front Line continued to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the war against the Hulk because of Ben and Sally's bravery. This cemented Front Line as one of the most informative news agencies in the country, extending Ben and Sally's reputations beyond The Daily Bugle.


Ben eventually became the new owner of The Daily Bugle, where he reunited with his longtime friend and confidant Robbie Robertson. However, in his new role, Ben faces unexpected challenges: namely, running a news agency in the Digital Age. Unfortunately, Ben's strategies not only stand against his journalistic principles, but put him at odds with Daredevil.

In a desperate bid to stay relevant and timely, Ben pushed his reporters to use barely fact-checked sources in order to publish stories as quickly as they can. This not only strained Ben's working relationship with Robbie over the integrity of the stories, but also endangered the Saint Nicholas Youth Home, where Matt Murdock now works as a priest. During his own investigation, Matt quickly realized something is wrong with Ben, as the veteran journalist seems visibly rattled.

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