Published March 15, 2024

'Black Widow & Hawkeye' #2 First Look Unleashes Natasha's Symbiote

In a special first look at 'Black Widow & Hawkeye' #2, Natasha's symbiote lets loose on Clint and his unseen assailant.

To Black Widow's new symbiote companion, two is company—and Clint makes a crowd.

In BLACK WIDOW & HAWKEYE (2024) #1 by Stephanie Phillips and Paolo Villanelli, Black Widow reunited with Hawkeye following the death of a prominent Russian figurehead, only to discover that Clint was indeed behind it. Now, in BLACK WIDOW & HAWKEYE (2024) #2, Clint will clash with Natasha's symbiote—a move that puts his life in danger. With a cadre of assassins hot on their heels, the longtime friends will find their loyalties tested and their skills pushed to the limit.

A special first look at BLACK WIDOW & HAWKEYE (2024) #2 finds Clint taken by surprise when Natasha's symbiote lashes out at him. One page sees Clint struck with a dart, which sends Natasha and her symbiote into a fury directed at his unseen assailant, while Natasha uses her symbiote to an unconscious Clint in another. Finally, a flashback revisits one of their earliest adventures together, where Clint stood up for Natasha when no one else would. 

See Natasha's symbiote strike at Clint in a special first look at BLACK WIDOW & HAWKEYE #2 below!

BLACK WIDOW & HAWKEYE (2024) #1 interior artwork by Paolo Villanelli

On Sale 4/17

Can Natasha's symbiote and Clint get along long enough for her to save him? Find out in BLACK WIDOW AND & HAWKEYE #2, on sale April 17!

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Black Widow & Hawkeye #2 Preview


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