Published February 13, 2024

Dagger Forms a Team of Vampire Slayers, Hawkeye Stands Against the Hordes, & More in 'Blood Hunters'

This May, a new anthology limited series delivers thrilling tales set amidst the backdrop of 'Blood Hunt,' including the debut of a new super team: Blood Hunters.

The long night is coming, and when it does, every hero in the Marvel Universe will face the vampires’ brutal onslaught!

In addition to a host of limited series and one-shots, Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s BLOOD HUNT will spin out into a four-issue anthology series that explores the full breadth of this latest earth-shattering Marvel Comics crossover event!  The blood-soaked tales found within BLOOD HUNTERS will spotlight iconic and fan-favorite Marvel characters in a wide variety of adventures. Here’s what fans can expect from the debut issue:

  • Hawkeye is on the run—but does he have enough trick arrows in his quiver to avoid both the long arm of the law and vampires out for his blood?! See Clint band together with a brave group of civilians in a pulse-pounding story by writer Mark Russell and artist Bob Quinn.
  • Man-Wolf and J. Jonah Jameson do a little father-son bonding—while also fighting for their lives against a horde of bloodsuckers! It’s a new chapter of one of the oddest family dynamics in the Marvel Universe by writer Christos Gage and artist Javier Garròn
  • With Cloak missing in action, Dagger strikes out in search of new and surprising allies. Witness the genesis of Marvel’s wildest team yet: the Blood Hunters in the start of a multi-part story by Erica Schultz and Bernard Chang that will run across all four issues! Who will Dagger recruit? You’ll have to wait and see! 

"It’s really exciting to write Dagger and see her assemble a team of fantastic fang hunters!" Schultz shared. "You’re going to love the dynamic between these characters, and see where the drama is!"

"It’s an honor to be contributing to BLOOD HUNTERS and the BLOOD HUNT event, and to collaborate with Erica Schultz, who’s crafted a bloody exciting story; and the masterful magician, Marcelo Maiolo, whose color work is amongst the bloody best in the medium," Chang added. "I hope the work will live up to fan expectations, as well as those of previous creators who have tackled the very same characters from when I was reading and collecting comics in my teens, like the legendary Rick Leonardi and Mike Vosburg."

BLOOD HUNTERS #1 card by Greg Land

Cover by GREG LAND
On Sale 5/8

Who will bite it? Check out the first trio of BLOOD HUNTERS stars on Greg Land's issue one cover now, and stay tuned later today and all week long for more BLOOD HUNT tie-in announcements!

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