Published May 13, 2020

Brand-New Marvel Comics Released Digitally Today

Read the latest issues from ‘Ant-Man,’ ‘Avengers of the Wastelands,’ and more, now available on the Marvel Digital Comics Shop, comiXology, or Comics App!

True Believers, wait no more! The return of new Marvel Comics begins today as fans everywhere can start diving back into some of their favorite Marvel series with new stories!

Here are today’s fresh additions, a selection of brand-new digital-only comics now available to read in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop as well as comiXology! You can also grab these issues by downloading the Marvel Comics app for iOS or Android.


ANT-MAN (2020) #4


Ant-Man’s home has been invaded! And as Macrothrax gets his hands on some Pym Particles, Ant-Man’s problems start growing rapidly out of hand. But there’s no time to call for help—the insect invasion is already underway!



In the clutches of the Green Goblin! Welcome to Osborn City! Thor, Ant-Man, Captain America and Hulk Jr. have fallen into the clutches of Norman Osborn, AKA the Green Goblin. Let’s just say, the years have not been kind to the Goblin’s psyche… A knockdown drag-out fight between the Avengers and the likes of Enchantress, Wild Child, Absorbing Man and more reveals the true nature of Doom’s mission, and the hidden betrayal that may crush all hope in the Wastelands!

GHOST-SPIDER (2019) #9


It’s an interdimensional tour for Gwen Stacy and the Mary Janes—but just as things start going right for Gwen outside of the webs, something unsettling is happening to her suit. Something GWENOMous…

RAVENCROFT (2020) #4


John Jameson begins to feel the pressure from both sides, as Wilson Fisk continues to extort him—and his friend and partner Misty Knight, implores him to do the right thing. You know what they say about stress—it can bring out the worst in people…


Marvel’s in-store comic book release schedule will resume Wednesday, May 27. To learn more, visit, and be sure to ask your local comic book shop about their current business policies to observe social distancing or other services they may offer, including holding or creating pull lists, curbside pick-ups, special deliveries and other options to accommodate. Find and support your local comic book shop at or by visiting

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