Published May 12, 2023

'Captain Marvel' #50 First Look Stages a Star-Studded Super Hero Extravaganza

In a special first look at 'Captain Marvel' #50, Kelly Thompson brings her run to a close with a massive party and fan-favorite guest stars.

Higher, further, faster—to the very end.

In CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) #50, Kelly Thompson will bring her legendary run on Carol Danvers to a close with an oversized issue featuring artists Javier Pina and David Lopez. After journeying across time and into the furthest reaches of space, Captain Marvel burns brighter than ever before—and now, it's time to celebrate her and her impossible journey!

A special first look at the issue finds Captain Marvel touching down on the moon, where she gazes down on Earth in contemplation for a moment before rocketing back into space. One page recalls a few of her mighty battles, while another shows her enjoying a party alongside such guest stars as Rogue, Polaris, She-Hulk, and Jeff the Land Shark. Finally, she bumps into Ms. Marvel—literally!—before Monica Rambeau joins in.

"When Marvel asked me to write Carol's new CAPTAIN MARVEL series back in 2018, in the lead up to her first film, I was delighted and also terrified. But I'm glad I didn't let the terror win, because it has truly been a fantastic experience," Thompson shared.

"I've worked with some of the most incredible people in the business—I'd list them all but at 50 issues it's a truly massive list! —but I certainly have to call out editor Sarah Brunstad who brought me in and helped build this book from the very beginning," she continued. "She has been a constant source of support through a run that I don't think either of us ever imagined would be nearly five years deep and heading toward issue 50."

"While it hasn't always been easy, I'm so proud of the stories we've told with Carol, but none of it would have been possible without the fans. Captain Marvel fans are some of the best comic fans—and humans—I've ever experienced, truly. So thank you for this run. We made it, but you all made it so loved, and so long. Thank you," she said.

Join the party in a special first look at CAPTAIN MARVEL #50 below!

CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) #50 interior artwork by Javier Pina

On Sale 6/7

You're invited to celebrate Earth's Mightiest Hero in CAPTAIN MARVEL #50, on sale June 7!

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Captain Marvel #50 Preview


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