Published June 2, 2023

'Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest' #1 First Look Launches Carol into Space

This special first look at 'Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest' #1 also introduces the Feral Five, a group of civilians who get pulled into Carol's latest space adventure.

Captain Marvel is headed back to space—and she won't be alone.

In Ann Nocenti and Paolo Villanelli's CAPTAIN MARVEL: DARK TEMPEST #1, Carol Danvers will find herself invited to speak at an event designed to inspire teens. Soon, she and five unwitting attendees get swept up in a plan orchestrated by Nitro and his mysterious partner, leading this unlikely band of civilians to become the Feral Five. Captain Marvel was meant to inspire to heroism… and instead brought this group right to the feet of villainy.

A special first look at CAPTAIN MARVEL: DARK TEMPEST #1 shows Carol rocketing straight up into orbit, where she engages in a high-flying battle that shows off her powers and her might, while another page offers a glimpse of Nitro and his new partner in the midst of their latest scheme. One page centers on some disaffected teenagers, who seem less than impressed with their guest speakers. Finally, Spider-Woman attempts to rescue Carol, only to watch helplessly as Carol and a few unlucky attendees get sucked into a starry void.

Meet the Feral Five in a special first look at CAPTAIN MARVEL: DARK TEMPEST #1 below!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: DARK TEMPEST #1 interior artwork by Paolo Villanelli

Written by ANN NOCENTI
On Sale 7/5

Join Carol's next adventure in CAPTAIN MARVEL: DARK TEMPEST #1, on sale July 5, and check out Mike McKone's cover for CAPTAIN MARVEL: DARK TEMPEST #3 below!



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