Published January 28, 2021

Captain Marvel Impresses a Young Fan in 'Captain Marvel: Marvels Snapshots' #1

The series exploring everyday people's experiences with Marvel heroes turns to Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel has been an inspiration to many, including to other Marvel Super Heroes like Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel. But it's not often that we hear about the people who were inspired by the outstanding actions of Marvel's mightiest. This is precisely the kind of story told in MARVELS SNAPSHOTS, a series that turns the story over to civilians in the Marvel Universe. In CAPTAIN MARVEL: MARVELS SNAPSHOTS #1, on sale Wednesday, February 24, we meet someone who stumbles upon some hefty heroics in their hometown.

You can see a preview of the issue, written by Mark Waid with art by Claire Roe, right here:

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

A team of heroes fights a stirring battle for the safety of the planet. A young woman struggles with desperation and despair, trying to cope in the modern world. But that’s only the beginning. Superstar creators Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, FANTASTIC FOUR) and Claire Roe (NEBULA, FEARLESS) tell a tale of inspiration within inspiration, as we see how the world’s marvels have inspired others – and how they’ve been inspired themselves. Featuring Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and a few surprises.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: MARVELS SNAPSHOTS #1 goes on sale Wednesday, February 24! You can pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop!

Captain Marvel Marvels Snapshots

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