Published December 9, 2021

Cindy Moon Is Back in 'Silk' #1

Look inside the issue today, then read it on January 19!

On January 19, Cindy Moon returns as the web-spinning Spider-Hero SILK in an all-new, all-star series!

As Silk gains popularity in the public eye, Cindy is questioning her place in the world. But existentialism will have to wait when a powerful new villain is turned loose! In a race against the clock, Silk discovers the dangers of ancient Korean magic—and social media... 

Don't miss the comics debut of stunning storyteller Emily Kim and the return of legendary comic artist Takeshi Miyazawa in SILK #1!

SILK #1 cover by In-Hyuk Lee
SILK #1 cover by In-Hyuk Lee

"In this new series, Silk is facing an existential crisis," Kim explained to GamesRadar. "She's fallen into a rhythm with her work, both as Silk and as a journalist. She's looking for new drive and purpose. Something that's hopefully resonant with a lot of people, even the ones without spider-powers."

Pop your peepers on a few preview pages below, then pre-order the mag with your local comic shop before reading on January 19!

SILK #1 preview art by Takeshi Miyaziwa with colors by Ian Herring



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