Published October 4, 2023

'MARVEL SNAP' Goes Monster Hunting in New Season Bloodstone

Prepare for the scariest season of 'MARVEL SNAP' yet!

'MARVEL SNAP' Goes Monster Hunting in New Season Bloodstone

Greetings, Monster Hunters, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and Cute Cuddly BFF Sharks (Jeff, you’re the bestest boy. Yes you are!). Brace yourselves for a dark and perilous journey, not for the faint of heart. This Hallow’s month we venture into a world where, occasionally, the hunters become the hunted. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…


As we prepare together for a new, haunting season, let’s check in on our new leader, Elsa Bloodstone. This new character is at her best when she’s commanding the battlefield. Join her, and rid this mortal realm of its fiercest foes.


Growing up was tough for Elsa Bloodstone. Her mom was a nerdy archeologist, she was constantly moving from place to place searching for the next ancient wonder, and she never knew anything about her father…until she discovers her dad was the legendary monster hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone, and that he died doing what he loved best. Elsa takes up the mantle and kicks some major monster butt! 


MARVEL SNAP Season 17 Bloodstone Rewards Spotlight


As whispers of impending doom echo through the night, Elsa extends a call to arms to those who share her unrelenting commitment to vanquish the shadows.

Let’s take a look at our newest characters!




A powerful and nearly mindless force of nature, the macabre Man-Thing instinctively protects the innocent and burns all those who know fear.

As the Man-Thing, Ted Sallis’ body comprises an eclectic collection of algae, moss, root bundles, tubers, and other vegetation. Nearly seven feet tall, the humanoid creature sports long forearms ending in twisted hands with long claws, a massive torso, and a face made up from dangling tendrils. In addition, the Man-Thing exhibits a strong odor of rotting plants.

This strange collective of plants provides the beast with a kind of invulnerability stemming from the ability to reform after damage to its body, as well as a talent for compressing its mass to ooze through small openings. Due to some arcane chemical process within its structure, the Man-Thing can burn any living being that exhibits a strong sense of fear.

With nearly no vestiges of Sallis’ original mind left in it, the Man-Thing operates almost entirely on instinct, being attracted to emotional broadcasts from others and even experiencing a kind of pain itself from them. The creature seems to be able to remember and recognize individuals that interact with it in extreme situations, though in the end the Man-Thing is normally beholden only to itself.



Black Knight

A scientist swept into a world of romantic adventure and mysticism, Dane Whitman is the modern-day Black Knight, heir to a legacy that stretches back to the legendary kingdom of Camelot in 6th Century Britain.

Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Dane Whitman grows up to achieve a Master’s degree in physics. When his super-criminal scientist uncle Nathan Garrett, AKA Black Knight, lay dying, he urges Dane to redeem the family name and the Black Knight guise by using it in the service of justice. Dane agrees and works to master his late uncle’s weapons and technology, creating a winged horse he named Aragorn.

A scientist himself, Dane and his assistant Norris created a magnetic ray device designed to communicate with life in outer space. They unwittingly contacted exiled Earth-born super-criminal Magneto, who used their transmission to return to Earth. By this time, a treacherous Norris had attacked Dane in hopes of killing him and claiming sole credit for their work, but Magneto imprisoned both scientists, demanding that they serve him. Dane escaped and went into action for the first time as the Black Knight, trying to warn the Avengers that Max Eisenhardt, AKA Magneto, had captured their teammates, Pietro Maximoff, AKA Quicksilver, and Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch; but the Avengers mistook Dane for his uncle and attacked him. The misunderstanding was soon cleared up, but an irritated Whitman flew off after delivering his warning.



Nico Minoru

As a member of the Runways, Nico Minoru banded together with the other children of the evil organization known as the Pride to stop their parents' evil ways.

Uncovering her magical abilities after taking hold of the supernatural Staff of One, Nico has become a mighty mystical fighting force. The Staff responds to verbal commands, but can only respond to any given spell once. If the user attempts to cast the same spell twice, the results have unforeseen consequences. To summon the Staff itself, Nico must bleed—as all magic comes with a cost.

After working with the Witchbreaker, Nico develops the ability to cast spells without the Staff and upgrades her own abilities. In the wake of her resurrection in Murderworld, Nico jumps up to another power level and even receives a magical arm replacement that can channel supernatural energies more powerful than the Staff.



Werewolf By Night

Jack Russell discovers his true nature when he transforms into the feral hybrid known as Werewolf by Night and becomes a howling, hirsute hero.

Under moonlight, Russell transforms into a werewolf, a large powerful man-wolf hybrid possessing enhanced human physical abilities, including strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, etc. He also has sharp claws and fangs that can rend even cinderblock or soft metals to shreds. He has enhanced senses, especially his vision which extends into ultraviolet and infrared ranges, allowing him to judge an individual’s physical and mental state.


When can Elsa expect her reinforcements to arrive?

You can expect new cards to be released weekly—starting with last month’s Season Pass Card, Loki, releasing as a Series 5 card on October 3rd.

  • October 3rd: Loki – Series 5 Release
  • October 10th: Man-Thing – Series 4 Release
  • October 17th: Black Knight – Series 5 Release
  • October 24th: Nico Minoru – Series 5 Release
  • October 31st: Werewolf By Night – Series 5 Release

New Series 4 and Series 5 cards appear in the Spotlight Cache and the Token Shop. As you level up your Collection Level, there will be Spotlight Caches where you can open a Series 4, Series 5 card, or variant. If you want to know more, check out the Spotlight Cache blog on!



October 3rd:

MARVEL SNAP X-23 Thanos Echo


October 10th:

MARVEL SNAP Silver Samurai Man-Thing Lady Deathstrike


October 17th:

MARVEL SNAP Stature Black Knight M.O.D.O.K.


October 24th:

MARVEL SNAP Kitty Pryde Nico Minoru Phoenix Force


October 31st:

MARVEL SNAP Silk Werewolf By Night Ghost-Spider



The moon casts its pallid glow upon the twisted architecture of a dark structure.

MARVEL SNAP Hotel Inferno
  • Hotel Inferno: After you play a card here this turn, destroy the top card of your opponent’s deck.


The Abbey, a sanctuary cloaked in ancient mystique, stands as a bastion against the encroaching night.

  • The Abbey: First to put exactly 2 cards here draws a card.



MARVEL SNAP Brand New Variants

There’s 40+ New Art Variants coming to the game this season.


Well Boils & Ghouls, as the darkness approaches it’s time to bid adieu. We look forward to seeing you join forces with Elsa Bloodstone as she hunts some of the multiverse’s scariest monsters. Unless of course you’re a monster…Then this is just awkward.

Get in on the action now! MARVEL SNAP is available in 13 languages across the world and available for download now on mobile and PC:


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