Published April 20, 2023

‘Daredevil & Echo’ #1 First Look Teases a Mysterious Threat Lurking in Hell’s Kitchen

In this preview for ‘Daredevil & Echo’ #1, get a taste of the coming danger that threatens Hell’s Kitchen.

There’s something rotten cooking in Hell’s Kitchen.  

DAREDEVIL & ECHO is a brand-new series by writers Taboo and B. Earl and superstar artist Phil Noto. This limited four-issue series promises to take Daredevil and Echo to new depths in the underbelly of Hell's Kitchen. With the first issue coming out next month, here’s a preview of the trouble brewing underneath the city. 

In DAREDEVIL & ECHO #1, a slew of unfortunate circumstances brings the titular characters together. Fresh off her duties as an Avenger, Maya Lopez finds herself back in New York City. There’s no time for rest however, as Matt Murdock brings news of a series of mysterious incidents to her doorstep.  

In this preview, Daredevil swings across the city in a glorious double-page spread. Then, the two Daredevils, Matt and Elektra, scan the city for trouble from the rooftops. On one page, Daredevil and Echo reunite after time apart. On another, this reunion is shattered by a sonic attack coming from an ominous young girl.   

Get your first look at the troublesome reunion in DAREDEVIL & ECHO #1 below: 

Daredevil & Echo #1 artwork by Phil Noto

Written by TABOO & B. EARL
Art and Cover by PHIL NOTO
On Sale 5/24

Stay tuned for more news about Daredevil and Echo and be sure to pick up DAREDEVIL & ECHO #1 on May 24.  

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