Published December 20, 2017

8 of Jessica Jones' Greatest Team-Ups

Run down a list of Jessica Jones’ memorable team-ups!

Image for Defenders: Keeping Up with the Jones

Despite her reputation for being a bit taciturn, Jessica Jones has repeatedly proven herself to be a powerful partner when facing down super villains, finding missing persons, or upending criminal conspiracies. Take a look back at some of her most memorable team-ups.

Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew hit it off from the start. When they first encountered each other, they’d both largely given up the costumed life and embraced work in private investigation—Jones in New York, Drew in San Francisco. Both used dark humor to cope with their difficult pasts and both developed distastes for the super communities they’d left behind. Despite their reluctance to rejoin the fray, they couldn’t stand to see a member of that community—Mattie Franklin, A.K.A. the newest Spider-Woman—taken advantage of by a deceptive Mutant Growth Hormone ring, so they combined their efforts to rescue her from its evil leader.

Whether teaming up with the Man Without Fear or the lawyer named Matt Murdock, Jones has worked with Daredevil several times over the years, the two developing a natural ease with one another despite having very different outlooks on the world. The duo has joined forces to take down Typhoid Mary, get Jones out of legal trouble, and maintain Hornhead’s secret identity when the FBI, Silke, and Kingpin sought to expose him to the world.

Captain Marvel
Back when they first met—teaming up to punch Doctor Octopus right in the goggles—Carol Danvers still called herself Ms. Marvel and Jones still went by Jewel. Over the years, they’ve supported each other professionally and personally. Danvers literally saved Jones’s life after the latter attacked the Avengers while under the sway of Purple Man.

The Daily Bugle
A rocky team-up, to be certain, but still one worth noting. Jessica and J. Jonah Jameson, in particular, share an antagonistic—yet oddly respectful—connection after she saved his foster daughter, Mattie Franklin, and helped expose Norman Osborn as The Green Goblin. At the same time, however, she used Jameson’s funds to feed the homeless while pretending to investigate Spider-Man like she’d been hired to do in the first place.

When Hedy Wolfe hired Jones to dig up dirt on her nemesis Patsy Walker, Jessica refused to cooperate and instead let the would-be mark in on the plan. Together, Hellcat and Jones, with an assist from She-Hulk, derailed Wolfe’s plans to blackmail and extort the former Avenger.

The Young Avengers
Functioning in more of a loose mentor role than a true team-up, Jones offered the teen heroes advice, stood up for them against Captain America, and defended them when it appeared that Scarlet Witch, Magneto, and Dr. Doom might destroy the adolescent team.

Kate Bishop moved to Los Angeles to try her hand as a private investigator—and in the Marvel Universe, that means a collaboration with Jessica Jones must be nigh. And sure enough, Bishop arrived in her office one evening to find Jones  waiting for her. Over the next several days, the pair went on a wild ride together, getting mixed up with a dragon, newly transformed Inhumans, a missing woman, and a movie star.

Luke Cage
One half of the greatest team-up of Jessica’s life, Luke Cage first met Jones during the brief period of time when she called herself Knightress. After utilizing their complimentary skills and personalities to break up a crime ring headed by The Owl, their collaboration grew into a friendship. In time, Jones allowed herself to trust Luke and the two began a committed relationship.


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