Published January 17, 2019

Didja Know... The Cosmic Super Villain Called Terrax the Tamer

Get some downright delightful details from across the merry Marvel Multiverse!

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Hey, True Believers! We know you love those big questions like, “Can Thor beat the Hulk?” and, “Can the Punisher stop Wolverine?” so we’ve cooked up a new one that’ll be answered in the all-new SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #2... “How many degrees of separation are there between Doctor Octopus and Galactus?”


How will we answer that, you ask? How about a titanic throwdown between Ock—now the Superior Spider-Man, natch—and a former herald of the Big G? Ah-ha! Now we’ve got your attention! And now you’ve got the fast-and-furious 411 on…Terrax the Tamer!

Didja Know… Terrax once faced defeat from Dazzler?

We don’t just make this stuff up, you know us better’n that! It all began in DAZZLER #10 when Galactus sought out the mutant Dazzler and charged her up with that crazy Power Cosmic. Why? To find a wayward Terrax and teach him a lesson, of course. Nobody takes a month-long lunch break on the Devourer of World’s dime and gets away with it, see?

Dazzler (1981) #1

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So, Alison—that’s Dazzler’s real name—dropped herself into the black hole that Terrax was holed-up in and broke out the fisticuffs in DAZZLER #11. It was a real slobberknocker, and for a wee moment there ol’ Mr. Tamer had the edge, but Dazzler knew how to put on a show and kicked the old boy’s can real good. Then, she got Galactus to take Terrax back and release her, before she headed back to Terra Firma just in time for a gig… And boy, could that woman sing up a storm!

Didja Know…Terrax once put New York in orbit?

Now, Terrax’s power gives him mighty mastery over masonry—in other words he’s stone-cold sensational with stonework! So in FANTASTIC FOUR #242, still filled with fear for his master, the guy picked up Manhattan, tossed it up into space, and told the Fantastic Four he’d take a very big bite out of the Big Apple if they didn’t grapple with Galactus for him.

Fantastic Four (1961) #242

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What did our heroes do? What would you do? Well, they let Galactus himself take his horrified herald to hand him a knuckle sandwich! In FANTASTIC FOUR #243, Terrax slipped on a cosmic banana peel provided by his energetic employer and fell off a building. Oops! Although stripped of his power, he survived the fall only to eventually fall into another pair of very wrong hands—those of Doctor Doom. Yeah, that had to sting.

Didja Know… Terrax met his end at a supermarket?

Yes, we’re aware that way up top there we said Terrax was scheduled to duke it out with the Superior Spider-Man, but this rocky blockhead’s got more lives than a cosmic cat!

In FANTASTIC FOUR #260 he lured the Thing, the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch into a tussle in a supermarket in Queens. Endowed with some of that ol’ Power Cosmic by Doc Doom again, he found himself not only fighting the Fantastic Four—or three, actually—but none other than the Silver Surfer, too, right there between the cava cava oranges and the zucchini. This proved more than he could handle, and before you could say “Aunt May,” the Power burnt Terrax up like a marshmallow at summer camp!

Fantastic Four (1961) #260

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But, naturally, he got better. And he’s heading to San Francisco very, very soon…

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