Published June 29, 2020

Didja Know... The Spectacular Secrets of Shang-Chi

Didja Know digs into the fun facts, strange stories, and divine details that helped build the hallowed halls of the House of Ideas!

When the sensational Shang-Chi first leapt off the pages of his own Marvel mag back in 1974, he flitted his wrists and, before True Believers could blink a peeper, grabbed the hearts and minds of Marvelites everywhere! That engrossing energy still stands today, and we’re as blushingly blatant with our boundless love for the guy as the first day he flipped his way into the mighty Marvel Universe…and we’re here to prove it! 

Secret Avengers

Stand still and face front, heroes! Here comes some sensational secrets about the Super Hero known as Shang-Chi! And keep your heads down, will ya? Here be hatchet hands and flying feet! 

Didja Know… Shang-Chi trained Captain America? 

Well, sure, Cap learned to fight all the way back in the days of World War II or even before, but Didja Know there came a day in SECRET AVENGERS (2010) #9 when the Sentinel of Liberty sought out Shang-Chi for strategies on sparring? S’truth!  

The Master also helped the wondrous Wall-Crawler with his moves in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1999) #664, the X-Men’s Logan in WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS (2008) #9, and that kooky Killraven in WISDOM (2006) #6. You might think he’s just a martial arts master 'n' all, but we’re serious when we say Earth’s Mightiest Heroes know who to call when they want that certain edge to their frantic fighting forms. 

Secret Avengers (2010) #9

Secret Avengers (2010) #9

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Perhaps the saddest story concerning a student of Shang-Chi’s centers around his tutelage of the daring and dashing mutant Domino. Things became romantic for the two following the lessons in DOMINO #4, but a night out on the town turned dangerous when they were attacked by a few furious foes. Domino put what she learned from Shang-Chi to good use, but when she stepped over the line he can’t cross and kills an enemy in DOMINO #6, he could no longer be her teacher…or more. 

Didja Know… Shang-Chi used to have super powers? 

Listen, you’d think merely mastering a million martial arts to make yourself the greatest practitioner on the whole blamed planet would be enough for some dudes, not to mention gaining peak physical perfection and control over your entire nervous system—heck, we’ve even heard he knows how to fish like a pro! But no! Shang-Chi’s even had Super Powers…and more than once! 

During that whole SPIDER-ISLAND deal, in SPIDER-ISLAND: DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU (2011) #1 he woke up one day with Spider-Man’s amazing abilities, in AVENGERS WORLD (2014) #14 he pushed on the Pym Particles to grow real big, and in SHADOWLAND he took on Mister Negative’s powers until the baddie was beaten. 

Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (2011) #1

Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (2011) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Maybe, just maybe our favorite example of Shang-Chi slippin’ into the super was that time he was able to make dazzlin’ duplicates of himself. What? You hadn’t heard that terrifying tale before? Look it up in AVENGERS (2012) #38! You’ll be glad ya did! 

Didja Know… Shang-Chi’s an Avenger? 

Okay, we’ve mentioned ‘em a few times here, but we should just stop dancin’ around and come right out and say it: Shang-Chi’s an official member of the Avengers! How cool is that? It happened back in AVENGERS #1 in 2012—you remember, right? When Iron Man and Captain America gathered together a whole host of heroes to be able to pick an’ choose from ‘em whenever they needed ‘em the most? 

Avengers (2012) #1

Avengers (2012) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

And if the Avengers aren’t enough to impress you, bunky, we’re here to tell ya the Master’s also been a part of the Heroes for Hire, the Agents of Atlas, the Protectors—remember them?—and worked with England’s hush-hush department called MI-6…oh, and Freelance Restorations with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing! 

By this point you’re probably saying, “What does Shang-Chi need all those teams for?” Well, True Believers, when you cash in all your courage to get the nerve to ask him, let us know, huh? We’re too scared to get near the guy! 

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