Published December 12, 2016

Earth’s Mightiest Headquarters: 7 Places The Avengers Have Called Home

Marvel’s premiere super squad always offers their members the coolest base of operations around!

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Home is where the heart is. For a hero, though, it also helps if home happens to house high functioning computer systems, extra costumes, good food, a loyal butler, and maybe even a training center of some kind. Below, we look at some of the more well-known and beloved places that the various Avengers teams have called home over the years.

Avengers Mansion
Given the number of different Avengers factions over the years, it’s tough to nail down just one iconic base of operations, but the original Avengers Mansion, donated by Tony Stark, ranks pretty high on the list. Located at 890 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the place adds some class and stability to a group that often seems in flux. Plus, any joint that comes with a caretaker as awesome as Edwin Jarvis just has to be top notch!

Avengers Tower
Another Tony Stark donation, the Avengers eventually took up shop in Stark Tower which later became known as Avengers Tower. The Midtown Manhattan location housed the initial crop of New Avengers and has also acted as a grounding point for both the Sentry’s Watchtower and Heimdall’s observatory.

Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum
During Civil War, many Avengers refused to sign the Superhuman Registration Act and went underground. Doctor Strange took pity on the refugees and offered the group sanctuary in his Sanctum Sanctorum. The Master of the Mystic Arts disguised the 177A Bleecker Street building in Greenwich Village as an under-construction Starbucks. His magic enabled the New Avengers to remain undetected even when Iron Man and his rival Avengers entered the premises.

Avengers Compound
If you’re going to set up shop near L.A., you might as well take advantage of California’s warm climate. That’s what the West Coast Avengers did when staking claim to the Avengers Compound at 1800 Palos Verdes Drive. The far more fun location eventually got destroyed one too many times leading to Vision’s decision to disband the team. Later, Avengers Academy relocated there after the destruction of…

Infinite Avengers Mansion
Introduced by Hank Pym in MIGHTY AVENGERS #27, the Infinite Avengers Mansion existed in a place underneath the Microverse. Thanks to a series of doors, the house allowed travel to just about anywhere imaginable. Eventually the Avengers Academy kids moved in, but the enlarged mansion got destroyed during the Fear Itself event.

Initially a super villain hideout, Hydrobase first came into use by Stingray who leased some of the land for the Avengers to land their planes. Given the location just nine miles off the coast of New York City, it acted as a great replacement HQ when the mansion suffered severe damage—until Doctor Doom sunk it. Years later, Avengers Idea Mechanics resurrected the base in the pages of NEW AVENGERS.

The All-New, All-Different Headquarters
After Secret Wars, Tony Stark had to sell Stark Tower which meant that the team in ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS needed to get used to less opulent surroundings. Instead of a mansion or a skyscraper, they hung their hats, masks, and helmets in a condemned Stark Industries Airfield in New Jersey. At least it’s got Jarvis there to oversee everything!


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