Published June 2, 2021

Recap Emma Frost's Takeover of Marvel's Instagram

Follow along as Emma prepared for the Hellfire Gala!

The Hellfire Gala has begun!

Starting today and running throughout the month, the merry mutants are commemorating the establishment of Krakoa—and staking their claim as a major player on the global stage. 

Marauders #21

First and foremost, however, this is a celebration. And, as host of the affair, Emma Frost took the time to primp, polish, and prepare for the party in signature style, taking over Marvel's Instagram stories today to document the process.

Flip through the gallery below to see her pre-Gala routine, then witness her in action with today's MARAUDERS #21X-FORCE #20, and HELLIONS #12!

Emma Frost Instagram Takeover by Phil Noto


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