Published May 27, 2020

Everything That's Happened in 'Spider-Ham' So Far

Catch up with Peter Porker ahead of June 24's 'Spider-Ham' #5!

In the name of Irving Forbush, be warned! This article contains spoilers for SPIDER-HAM (2019) #1-4, so read on at your own risk, frantic ones!

Welcome back to Earth-8311, the land of talking animal Super Heroes (also known as Larval Earth)!

With the highly anticipated SPIDER-HAM #5 arriving on June 24, Zeb Wells and Will Robson will finally put the finale on their tale of hilarious heroics. So pre-order the hammy handbook with your local comic shop today and pick it up then!

Inspired by the character's first appearance in 1983's MARVEL TAILS STARRING PETER PORKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-HAM as well as his '80s ongoing PETER PORKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-HAM and his more recent multiverse-related appearances alongside the other inter-dimensional spider-folk in SPIDER-VERSE (2019)WEB WARRIORS (2015), and more, this story has put our hero through the ringer so far.

Spider-Ham #5

So, given the brief break in between issues #4 and #5, we're recapping the first four mags so you can jump right back in when the conclusion hits!

After kicking off with Porker's origin story—he was a spider bitten by an irradiated May Porker, thus becoming a spider-pig—the action quickly cut over to New Yolk City where Spider-Ham helped the likes of Captain AmeriCat, Iron Mouse, Quacksilver, Pigeon, the Mighty Thrr, Squawkeye, and Ant Ant—known as the Sca-Vengers—defeat the menace of Moletron.

Though he performed well, the arach-pig just could not stop talking about how he had helped save the multiverse and was essentially dismissed by AmeriCat. Obsessed with his own past deeds, Porker missed that May Porker wanted him to move out and a general disappointment in his photography from J. Jonah Jackal.

But when a strange threat popped up in the city, Spider-Ham swung into action. He was soon faced with colored-sapped versions of Deerdevil, Hulk Bunny, and Thang who all wanted to stop his yapping permanently! Feeling out of his depth, he turned to Mooster Fantastic, Iron Mouse, the Sub-Marsupial, Black Colt, and Crocktor Strange, collectively known as the Unhumanati. With some help from the Bee-Yonder, they had been working on a way to fix Spider-Ham's inter-dimensional watch to send the Armored Sca-Venger through time and space to save the day. Not wanting anyone else to step in on what he saw as his territory, Peter grabbed the watched and zapped himself off to Earth-616!

After explaining his problem to Spider-Man, Spider-Ham met the original Fantastic Four. Reed Richards pointed out that Porker and his kind are actually living cartoons whose very bodies rebuke the laws of physics! He also surmised that his dimension-hopping watch was guided by Spider-Ham's wishes more than anything!

Spider-Ham #1

Meanwhile, back on Larval Earth, the heroes and villains all agreed to work together under the leadership of Professor Rex to stop the color-draining menace. 

In exchange for allowing Mr. Fantastic to run more tests on his unique physiology, Spider-Ham was given a dimensional tracker to find his foe; between that and his wish-powered Bee-Yonder powered watch, he could go anywhere. Porker used it to travel back in time, but brought Spider-Man with him. Now in World War II, though, Porker's physiology changed and he turned into a '30s-era cartoon version of himself, complete with rhyming dialog!

The Spideys came across the villain of the piece who managed to jump away to the grim and gritty Earth-70237 and then the newspaper strip inspired Earth-77013 before landing in the space between realities. There, Bee-Yonder told Spider-Man that Ham had been wishing to fit in everywhere he went, hence the physical changes he'd gone through. 

Before long, they jumped back into action and discovered that their prey had been Kangaroo the Conqueror the whole time! During the 89th Gathering of the Kangs, the Kang Tribunal decided to exile Kangaroo from his own world for being...too silly. The Kang from Earth-616 even vowed to destroy Larval Earth!

Feeling down on himself for leading to the destruction of his own world, Kangaroo received a much needed pep talk from Spider-Ham. The unusual trio then grabbed some spare Kang armors from the Gathering of the Kangs and attacked Kang-616! However, everything went topsy turvy at the end of ish #4 when it was revealed that Mojo had actually been controlling Kang through mind control. Because the Mojoverse viewers loved the antics of Earth-8311, he wanted to keep it alive, but still decided to make a gigantic change in the form of "a hard reboot!"

To catch the finale, pre-order SPIDER-HAM #5 with your local comic shop today, then pick it up on June 24!


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