Published October 14, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About 'X-Men' #1

Prepare for the Dawn of X to break this week with a look at the new flagship series!

HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X may be over, but the Dawn of X is just beginning!

This Wednesday, October 16, Jonathan Hickman and artist Leinil Francis Yu kick off a new era for Marvel’s merry mutants with X-MEN #1!

x-men 1

But the X-Men aren’t quite the Super Heroes they used to be. Gone are the color-coordinated team-ups of recent years; now, the X-Men are a global force, a vast army of heroes that protect the newly formed mutant nation of Krakoa. This isn’t the first time that mutants have created a homeland for themselves, no, but things may be different now. The X-Men are more radical in their beliefs than ever before, and even death itself is only a slight inconvenience on Krakoa...

POWERS OF X taught us that the greatest threat facing mutants is the union between man and machine. That’s why several X-Men recently gave their lives to attack a space station run by Orchis, a secretive anti-mutant organization made up of several former members of A.I.M., Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D., A.R.M.O.R., and Alpha Flight. Despite the sacrifice of several mutant lives, Orchis’ station remains intact. And the group represents a clear and present danger to all mutants.

But before X-MEN #1 hits comic stores this week, is taking a look at the key players in the issue...



Scott Summers is no longer simply the leader of the X-Men. He’s the Captain Commander of Krakoa. Essentially, all military operations, stealth missions, and search and rescue attempts come under his purview. He was also one of the mutants who “died” on the suicide mission to the Orchis station...but he’s back, and he’s expanding his horizons.


Ororo Munroe is often the strong leader that holds the X-Men together. But, as seen in HOUSE OF X, she’s seemingly become a fervent spokeswoman for mutantkind’s accession. And her place in the newfound world of the mutants may lead her to places she's never been before.

Jean Grey

The former host of the Phoenix is no stranger to coming back from the dead. Jean Grey was resurrected only a short time before her most recent death during the Orchis mission. Now, she’s once again a leader among the X-Men.


The ol' Canucklehead was another X-Men casualty during the Orchis mission. But now, Wolverine has never felt better. He’s even being chummy with his old rival, Cyclops, and friendly with his former enemy, Gorgon. Curious.

Dr. Cecilia Reyes

While Cecilia Reyes has often tried to maintain a life outside of the X-Men, she has returned to the fold as one of the most prominent doctors on Krakoa. She’ll have her work cut out for her in the weeks and months ahead.


It’s becoming a trend, but Havok was among the recently dead X-Men who came back to life. He was a part of Cyclops and Wolverine’s ragtag team who weren’t shunted off to the AGE OF X-MAN. Alex Summers sacrificed his life to protect his brother, Scott. And now they have a chance to reconnect again.


Lorna Dane has become very close to her father, Magneto, since rejoining the X-Men in Krakoa. There’s certainly a lot that Polaris can learn from her dad, but she may be keeping her ex, Havok, at a distance.


In several ways, the nation of Krakoa is everything that Magneto ever dreamed of. Magneto’s previous mutant nation, Genosha, was destroyed by Cassandra Nova’s Sentinels. And it may be that Krakoa is Magneto’s best opportunity to redeem himself for his greatest failure.


Several years ago, Gabriel Summers turned on his family and became the mad emperor of the Shi’ar. In some ways, that was understandable, since Vulcan spent years trapped within Krakoa and near death. Emperor Vulcan was seemingly killed years ago. We suspect that Vulcan’s return may have left out the memories that made him go bad... But who knows?


Nathan Summers recently “retired” his older incarnation of Cable during EXTERMINATION. Regardless of that act of self-violence, Kid Cable has been welcomed with open arms into the extended X-Men family.


Rachel Summers/Grey was transformed back into a Hound during EXTERMINATION. Fortunately, she was freed during the recent X-FORCE series. Now, Rachel is back home where she belongs. And for the first time in years, her family is truly back together.


Meet the human of X-MEN #1—Christopher Summers! As Corsair, Christopher is still the leader of the Starjammers. But his family comes first, and the Summers clan will play a big role moving forward...

For the next phase of Marvel’s mutants, visit your local comic shop to read X-MEN #1 this Wednesday, October 16!


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