Published May 21, 2020

Exclusive Announcement: New Marvel Comics Coming in August 2020

'Marvel's Pull List' presents the first look at new books on the way from the House of Ideas!


Face front, frantic ones, and take a look at a brand-new episode of Marvel's Pull List as Ryan and Tucker unveil never-before-seen comics coming your way in August!

This special previews announcement presents the first look at a few bleeding-edge Marvel comics, with info all about new series, art, and creative teams heading to your local comic shop in three months! Get a bite-size breakdown of a few select stories in the video above, then uncover the full details about every single August mag in the gallivantin' gallery below!

Read on right here for more info on new books coming throughout the entire ever-lovin' summer! Then stay tuned to for more first-looks at what's coming from the hallowed halls of the House of Ideas to your local comic shop in August!

New Marvel Comics Coming in August 2020



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