Published August 4, 2021

Marvel Mainstay Ralph Macchio on the History of 'What If?'

Listen to the latest episode of 'Marvel's Pull List' as the former editor asks 'What If?'

In celebration of the upcoming release of Marvel Studios' What If...? on Disney+, we've declared the month of August to be "What If Month" on the Marvel's Pull List podcast!

To kick things off, we're talking to longtime Marvel editor Ralph Macchio about some of his favorite WHAT IF? stories! 

What If? (1977) #40

Ralph shares a behind-the-scenes look at a few stories that started with a simple question and then grew into legend. From a chance conversation with Don McGregor at a convention through his decades as a fixture at the House of Ideas, Macchio has seen it all—and he provides a peek inside the issues on Marvel's Pull List!

When asked about the initial response to the WHAT IF? concept by the Marvel Bullpen, Ralph recalled, "I was on staff, and I do recall people at the time being very enthusiastic about the idea of doing something like this, because of course everybody has an idea. What if this had happened? What if that had not happened, where would it have gone? And the idea of encapsulating that seemed to be something that everybody was on board for because everybody had a 'what if' in their head!"

Join us by reading Ralph Macchio's WHAT IF? picks—including issues #3, #11, #40-42, and #44-47—then tune into the full conversation right here!

Flip through the covers of Ralph's favorites with the gallery below, then read 'em on Marvel Unlimited today!

Ralph Macchio’s WHAT IF? Pull List


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