Published September 1, 2023

'Fantastic Four' #12 First Look Introduces Dinosaur Avengers from a Parallel World

In a special first look at 'Fantastic Four' #12, Marvel's First Family runs afoul of a group of heroes unlike any other!

Imagine a world just like our own, with one tiny difference: all the humans have been replaced by dinosaurs.

That's exactly where Marvel's First Family ends up in FANTASTIC FOUR (2022) #12 by Ryan North and Iban Coello, and they won't have much time to ponder when they mysteriously switch places with their dinosaur counterparts. As their worlds begin to merge, the (very human) Fantastic Four must survive these dinosaurs with super-powers long enough to prevent an Earths-shattering catastrophe.

Meet Brachiosaurus Iron Man, Lambeosaurus Captain Marvel, Quetzalcoatlus Black Widow, and more in a special first look at FANTASTIC FOUR (2022) #12. One page finds the Fantastic Four investigating a mysterious phenomenon in the woods, only to get sucked inside. In another page, they find themselves trapped in a glowing cage as the dinosaur Avengers descend on them. Elsewhere, the human Avengers face four extremely angry and confused dinosaurs with fantastic—and very familiar—super-powers.

Behold a battle of Jurassic proportions in a special first look at FANTASTIC FOUR (2022) #12 below!

FANTASTIC FOUR (2022) #12 interior artwork by Iban Coello

Written by RYAN NORTH
Cover by ALEX ROSS
On Sale 10/4

What if… the Marvel Universe's heroes were all dinosaurs? See for yourself in FANTASTIC FOUR #12, on sale October 4!

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Fantastic Four #12 Preview



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