Published November 8, 2018

Fantastic Four Wedding: Alicia's Amazing Adventures

As the Grimm-Masters wedding approaches, see what brought Alicia up to her big day!

Despite her blindness, Alicia Masters stands as one of the Marvel Universe’s strongest and most insightful characters ever. She and her man Ben Grimm will finally be tying the knot in the forthcoming FANTASTIC FOUR #5, with a riotous Ladies’ Night Out promised in FANTASTIC FOUR: WEDDING SPECIAL #1 – but it’ll only be one more landmark day she’ll add to her already amazing life.

How do we know that? Take a look for yourself at just a few of the sculptress’ greatest tales with the Fantastic Four…and beyond!


Alicia Masters stands up against the Puppet Master

Introduced as the evil Puppet Masters’ blind step-daughter, Alicia made her immediate mark on the lives of the Thing and his partners when she resisted her step-father’s scheme to use her to help control Ben and fought him for the puppet he’d crafted to allow him world domination. In the end, the young woman alone brought about the villain’s defeat and won the heart of the Thing as her reward.


Alicia with Jonny and Ben

Genius Reed Richards thought he’d discovered a way to cure Alicia of her blindness and traveled back in time to ancient Egypt with his teammates to recover a rare substance to bring it about. After a brawling battle with the chrono-traveler known as Rama-Tut, the Fantastic Four returned triumphantly to their own time with the cure only to discover their time machine would not carry radioactive substances. To her credit, Alicia smiled and told Ben it didn’t really matter in the end.


Alicia talks down the Silver Surfer

In what might still be her shining moment, the sculptress took a weary Silver Surfer into her apartment to hear his tale, though outside his master Galactus threatened the entire planet with destruction. Alicia argued for humanity, trying to appeal to the Surfer’s soul, and her words turned the tide: Galactus’ herald betrayed him, and a blind woman once again saved the day with only the power of her simple, straightforward actions.


Alicia finds the cocoon

The scientists of the clandestine think-tank known as the beehive kidnapped Alicia to utilize her blindness and her uncanny artistic abilities for their ultimate project, the creation of artificial life. While the Thing and the Fantastic Four searched desperately for her, she approached a strange cocoon and the being within to comfort it in its birth throes and became the only person to “witness” the coming of Him, later to be called Adam Warlock.


Hold onto your hats – this one’s really out there. While on vacation with Ben in merry ol’ England, Alicia became the subject of a Hydra assault using a serum that transformed her into a gigantic human-spider hybrid. The Thing and the Invisible Girl held off Alicia’s rampage until Ben destroyed her Hydra control-module and Sue cut off her air-supply with a force field. Shortly thereafter, a friendly scientist managed to return her to normal mind and form as well as the loving arms of her friends.


With Ben out of the picture at the time, Alicia once again welcomed the Silver Surfer into her life…and her heart. A romantic relationship grew between the two during an adventure concerning her step-father the Puppet Master, which led to Alicia heading off to the stars in a special spacesuit with the Surfer and a new universe of adventures. Eventually, she came back down to Earth again and parted from the former herald, but the memories of her journey never left her.

FANTASTIC FOUR: WEDDING SPECIAL #1 goes on sale Wednesday, December 12! You can pre-order your copy today, either online or at your local comic shop!


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