Published August 7, 2017

Follow the History of Kang Pt. 6

Family matters on a cosmic scale entangle The Conqueror!

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Since the early days of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Kang the Conqueror has agitated the Avengers and then some with his mastery of multiple eras and desire to add the Marvel Universe to his empire. On November 14, the time tyrant takes on a new role as central antagonist in the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” creating a campaign that crisscrosses all reality and space.

Before you play the game, discover the story behind this agent of chronological chaos with the History of Kang!

When it comes to a being such as the despotic time “conqueror” known as Kang, the drive to produce offspring takes on new meaning. As we time-stuck individuals discern it, Kang’s disappointment of a “son” Marcus brought chaos and tragedy to many—and illustrated the time-lord’s lack of concern for the destruction his quest for progeny would create.

In a bold move, Kang kidnapped the twin infant children of the mutant Archangel and a woman called Ichisumi. Raising them as a twisted version of a father, he set them on a mission to destroy mutants—but after years of torturing them as a means of training, Eiman and Uriel, now grown into their fantastic abilities, turned on their “benefactor” and attempted to annihilate him in a time storm.

In response, Kang traveled through time to alternate realities and gathered a pseudo-group of anti-Avengers to help exact his revenge. This band of ne’er-do-wells included the Iron Man of 2020, Doom 2099, Stryfe, and the Venom of Earth X. After Eiman and Uriel nearly decimated Earth by coaxing a Celestial to attack it, the Conqueror approached the Avengers Unity Squad and, hiding his sinister intentions, proposed to help them with his time-travel powers.

In the end, Kang revealed his true nature when he moved to seize the Celestial’s power for himself. Having failed, the Conqueror instead stole away with the child of Janet van Dyne, The Wasp, and Alex Summers, the mutant hero called Havok, leaving one more set of parents in anguish over their lost legacy.

Soon after, however, the Inhuman king Black Bolt took his only son Ahura to Kang and asked, unprompted, if the chronal despot would keep and protect the boy. Subsequently, Black Bolt released Terrigen Mist into Earth’s atmosphere to trigger the Inhumans—and arranged for Kang to look after Ahura permanently, to provide him with a safe haven from what he perceived as the impending doom of all things.

Kang then returned to bedeviling his enemies the Avengers, but it appeared to be a “splinter” version of the Conqueror, operating under the alias “Mister Gryphon” and aided by the powerful villain Equinox. That adventure involved the android Vision, who would later decide to end the problem of the Avengers’ longtime foe by removing the infant Kang from his crèche and relocating him to another point in time.

This failed to work as the android Avenger had hoped; instead, it created a new wave of Kang time-attacks on the heroes as infants in the past. In the end, multiple versions of the Conqueror were defeated by the efforts of a different future version—and at a current time, as we see for the moment, he cowers in fear of the Avengers, who aim to find him and do away with him for all eternity.




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