Published January 20, 2017

Follow the History of the Hulk Pt. 47

The Green Goliath rejoins the Avengers, Red Hulk runs wild, plus meet Skaar!

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For over 50 years, the Incredible Hulk has been smashing his way through the Marvel Universe and into the hearts of fans. Whether you’ve discovered the tale of Bruce Banner and his other self through comics, TV, or film, get the whole story here…

The powerful Sentry and Ms. Marvel confronted The Hulk in Las Vegas in HULK #8 as the green giant tried to solve the mystery of a plague of Wendigos. Meanwhile, She-Hulk and her Lady Liberators stood their ground against Red Hulk in HULK #9.

The cosmic Grandmaster offered to resurrect Hulk’s lost love Jarella in HULK #10 if he’d participate in a match against Red Hulk. Hulk picked his former Defenders teammates as allies, while Red chose Baron Mordo, Terrax, and Tiger Shark as his “Offenders.” When the two teams threw down in HULK #11, Red Hulk speared Hulk with a trident and killed him. Afterward, the Grandmaster revived Hulk and the Defenders in HULK #12 and sent him and Red on their way.

Loki, posing as The Scarlet Witch, gathered up The Hulk in MIGHTY AVENGERS #21 for a spot on a new team led by Hank Pym and later goaded him into fighting Iron Man in MIGHTY AVENGERS #22. Regardless, the jade giant still helped to battle the demonic Chthon in MIGHTY AVENGERS #23.

Incredible Hulks (2009) #600

Incredible Hulks (2009) #600

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The Red Hulk’s true identity as General “Thunderbolt” Ross stood revealed in INCREDIBLE HULK #600 when he attempted to stop reporter Ben Urich from publishing a story on him. Bruce Banner wanted to be free from The Hulk forever in HULK #13, but Norman Osborn complicated matters by sending the war god Ares to deal with him.

Now on Earth, the Hulk’s son Skaar met up with Hulk’s old crew the Warbound in SKAAR: SON OF HULK #11, but the green-hued warrior only cared about finding his father to kill him. Hulk and son finally clashed in SKAAR: SON OF HULK #12, but Hulk’s memories of his time on Skaar’s world remained dim, prompting his son to delay his revenge.

Earth’s super heroes searched for Bruce Banner in INCREDIBLE HULK #601, but the scientist decided he wanted to get to know his son and train him to fight The Hulk when his alter-ego returned. In INCREDIBLE HULK #602 Skaar’s education included a head-on collision with the Juggernaut, a confrontation orchestrated by Banner. Later, Banner and Wolverine stood on the sidelines as their sons, Skaar and Daken, fought in a bar in INCREDIBLE HULK #603.



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