Published February 17, 2017

Follow the History of the Hulk Pt. 50

The Avengers, the Guardians of the galaxy and more stop by to lend a hand!

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For over 50 years, the Incredible Hulk has been smashing his way through the Marvel Universe and into the hearts of fans. Whether you’ve discovered the tale of Bruce Banner and his other self through comics, TV, or film, get the whole story here…

Finding himself mysteriously separated from The Hulk, Bruce Banner became unduly fascinated with creating new monsters in INCREDIBLE HULK #2. Elsewhere, a woman named Amanda Von Doom approached Hulk to join her Mad Squad, a team dedicated to ridding the world of mad scientists. When Banner’s boar monsters attacked the Hulk’s cave home in INCREDIBLE HULK #3, the green giant decided to join Amanda’s group.

The Mad Squad traveled to Banner’s remote island in INCREDIBLE HULK #4, where they discovered the scientist’s gamma bomb. During a confrontation with his now-insane alter-ego, Hulk revealed in INCREDIBLE HULK #5 that Doctor Doom separated the two. Banner attacked Hulk with high-tech weapons in INCREDIBLE HULK #6, but when Amanda activated the bomb, the jade giant forced Banner to stay for its explosion.

Incredible Hulk (2011) #2

Incredible Hulk (2011) #2

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With his former alter-ego now seemingly dead, Hulk renewed his strange romance with Red She-Hulk after they fought violently in INCREDIBLE HULK #7.1. Later, the green behemoth transformed back into an elated Bruce Banner. Realizing he needed to stay angry to not allow Banner to resurface again, Hulk began to pick fights in INCREDIBLE HULK #8, first with The Punisher and a drug cartel, then Atlanteans in INCREDIBLE HULK #9, Kraven the Hunter in INCREDIBLE HULK #10, a lost city of sasquatches in INCREDIBLE HULK #11, and ultimately his old sparring partners Wolverine and The Thing in INCREDIBLE HULK #12.

Finally, forming an alliance with Bruce Banner in his mind, The Hulk took his fight to his real tormentor, Doctor Doom, in INCREDIBLE HULK #13. He faced off against the Mad Squad, who stood in his way in INCREDIBLE HULK #14, and threw down with Doom himself in INCREDIBLE HULK #15 to battle for his peace of mind.

Alone in the desert, Hulk found himself attacked by a new Aquarius in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #1. Divining the villain’s intention to waylay a U.S. Army caravan, the green giant bounded off to Stark Tower in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #2 to get answers. The answer arrived in the form of an Ultimate Nullifier that the Avengers realized the new Zodiac coveted, but before Hulk could accept Captain America’s invitation to join his team, the Zodiac attacked.

The Hulk and the Avengers battled the villainous group on a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #3, a skirmish that ended with the emerald behemoth killing Leo and Thanos arriving to interrupt the proceedings. Angered that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes interrupted his own plans to scoop up the Nullifier, he mind-controlled Hulk to fight his teammates in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #4. Iron Man blew up the helicarrier to stop Thanos and the whole team later welcomed help from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Avengers Assemble (2012) #1

Avengers Assemble (2012) #1

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While everyone compared notes in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #5, Captain America used Hulk to coerce information from the army. Knowing then that Thanos possessed a Cosmic Cube, both teams headed into space to stop him in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #6, but the alien Badoon attacked them under the Mad Titan’s orders and they found themselves ejected into cold space for their troubles.

After being rescued by Black Widow in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #7, Hulk joined with Thor to take the fight back to the Badoon. Thanos appeared again with his Cube and banished the Avengers to the Cancerverse. In AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #8, Hulk and the others joined forces with the Elders of the Universe to race back to Earth and confront Thanos there. Able to destroy the Mad Titan’s incomplete Cube, the Avengers won the day and watched as the Elders took the beaten Thanos away for incarceration.


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