Published December 7, 2023

The Living Tribunal Is Reborn in Ron Lim's Newest 'G.O.D.S.' Cosmic Homage Cover

See the newly designed cosmic entities of the Marvel Universe from Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti's 'G.O.D.S.' series brought to life by Ron Lim in new Cosmic Homage Variant Covers.

At the core of the Marvel Universe, there exists a pantheon of omnipotent forces that shape the very building blocks of reality! Many of these strange beings have been around since the earliest days of Marvel Comics, and are now being transformed before reader’s eyes in Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti’s revolutionary G.O.D.S. series, which will delve into their nature and motives like never before.

And who better to spotlight their new designs than one of the pioneer architects of the Marvel cosmos: artist Ron Lim! Known for his galaxy shaping work on Silver Surfer and the INFINITY sagas, Lim will depict Schiti’s new designs for Marvel’s cosmic entities in six COSMIC HOMAGE VARIANT COVERS

Gracing the covers of G.O.D.S. #3-8, see Lim take on Schiti’s modern looks for Oblivion, Living Tribunal, Master Order, Lord Chaos, Infinity, and Eternity in homages to his iconic covers for the COSMIC POWERS series, the 1994 series where he and Ron Marz spun revelatory tales starring cosmic powerhouses like Thanos, Terrax, and more. 

"It’s so cool revisiting these covers after all these years," Lim shared. "I remember how much fun I had working on them. Valerio Schiti’s new character designs are fantastic and it’s a blast drawing them on these homage covers!"

G.O.D.S. #4 – Cosmic Homage Variant Cover by Ron Lim

G.O.D.S. #4
Cosmic Homage Variant Cover by RON LIM
On Sale 1/24

Lim’s latest COSMIC HOMAGE VARIANT COVER for next month’s G.O.D.S. #4 showcases the new design for THE LIVING TRIBUNAL. Check it out now and preorder it at your local comic shop today!

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