Published August 11, 2022

7 Times Groot Was Just a Baby

Groot’s cutest moments in Marvel Comics!

Cover to I AM GROOT (2017) #2 by Marco D'Alfonso.
Cover to I AM GROOT (2017) #2 by Marco D'Alfonso.

Regenerative tree alien Groot embracing childhood has created some pretty adorable moments over the years. But don’t be fooled by the cuteness—when there is a need, Groot is a valuable member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Here are some of Groot’s best moments, all from his earliest development stage.

1. Taking out a team of bounty hunters then saving his friends while riding an alien bug in GROOT (2015) #5.

Groot saves himself from bounty hunters.
GROOT (2015) #5

2. Having pretend space battles while aboard the Milano in I AM GROOT (2017) #1.

Groot plays at a pretend space battle.
I AM GROOT (2017) #1

3. Playing hide and seek to scare Gamora, also in I AM GROOT #1.

Groot plays hide and seek with Gamora.
I AM GROOT (2017) #1

4. Finding new friends wherever he goes! (As seen in I AM GROOT #3.)

Groot makes new friends easily.
I AM GROOT (2017) #3

5. Napping after his adventure in Terminal in I AM GROOT #5.

Groot naps after a long mission!
I AM GROOT (2017) #5

6. Trying to save Rocket by filtering poison out of his system in ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2017) #8.

Trying to save Rocket!

7. Being too cute in his Nova Corps outfit in ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #146.

Groot in Nova Corps uniform!

Read more of Groot’s adventures on Marvel Unlimited now, including I AM GROOT (2017)!

I Am Groot is now streaming on Disney+! 



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