Published July 1, 2024

'X-Men: From the Ashes' Infinity Comic Investigates the Truth Behind Xavier's Betrayal

In the latest arc of 'X-Men: From the Ashes,' investigative reporter Sally Floyd sets out to discover the truth behind Xavier's terrorist attack during the final days of Krakoa.

Professor Charles Xavier would do anything to protect the future of mutantkind—but would he go so far as to kill twelve innocents for that dream? That's exactly what investigative reporter Sally Floyd hopes to find out in "What Charlie Did…," the latest story arc of X-MEN: FROM THE ASHES INFINITY COMIC by Alex Paknadel and Diogenes Neves

During the final days of Krakoa, Xavier made a devil's bargain with Orchis. In exchange for his help as one of the most powerful telepaths on Earth, the Sentinels of Orchis agreed to spare mutantkind and allow them to live without interference on their island nation. To seal the deal, Xavier forced the crew of a nearby spacecraft to blow up their own ship, an act that murdered twelve bystanders and prevented them from interfering in Orchis' plans. In the end, Orchis fell to the X-Men, and Xavier surrendered himself to the authorities for his crimes against humanity.

However, Floyd isn't sure that story is so simple. So, in X-MEN: FROM THE ASHES INFINITY COMIC, she agrees to investigate Xavier's terrorist attack… but will her faith in Xavier be rewarded? Find out in "What Charlie Did: Part 1," now available on Marvel Unlimited!

X-MEN: FROM THE ASHES INFINITY COMIC (2024) #4 artwork by Diogenes Neves

Now available on Marvel Unlimited

The truth of Xavier's greatest betrayal may still be out there. Join the investigation in "What Charlie Did," an X-MEN: FROM THE ASHES INFINITY COMIC storyline available only on Marvel Unlimited!

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