Hawkeye: Hitting the Mark

Kelly Thomson offers her take on the top moments in the career of Kate Bishop!

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Kate Bishop has quite the impressive resume. She has been a private eye and a Young Avenger, and has skillfully carried the Hawkeye mantle.

With Kate’s solo book HAWKEYE preparing to launch on December 7, we wanted to take the opportunity to get writer Kelly Thompson’s take on the top five most impressive moments in Kate’s career.

Honorable mention: Amerikate

“As I was thinking, I came up with my top five and one that I’d consider an honorable mention: Kate and America Chavez becoming BFFs in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s YOUNG AVENGERS. I wouldn’t consider this a defining, top-five moment for Kate because she acts as a supporting character for most of the story, but it does bring us that great relationship between Kate and America.”

Kate rescues herself
By Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung, John Dell & Justin Ponser.

“Kate begins her super hero journey by literally saving herself. The first time we meet her, we find her surrounded by super-powered Young Avengers, but she manages to save herself, instead of coming off as just another damsel. I see this as a really great opening for her.”

Kate stands up to Captain America and earns the Hawkeye name
By Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung, Dave Meikis, Mark Morales & Justin Ponser.

“We really see that she’ll stop at nothing to do the right thing—which in this case means remaining a Young Avenger—when she stands up to Cap. As a result, she gets the Hawkeye name and the bow and arrows, but she has been earning it all along. She gets herself there.”

Young Avengers Presents (2008) #6

Young Avengers Presents (2008) #6

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Hawkeye steals back her bow
By Matt Fraction, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Paul Mounts

“You can see some of the Kate we know today here: ballsy and bold and relentlessly determined; alcohol empowered or not, it takes grit to steal back your bow from an icon and legend who clearly intimidates you. But now, we can also how much she has changed from this moment. Today, she knows her worth and is assured in her ownership of the Hawkeye name. And a lot of that growth began here.”

Kate shoots better, drives better, is better
HAWKEYE #2 & #3
By Matt Fraction, David Aja & Matt Hollingsworth

“Here, we get some of the best Kate-being-hilarious-Kate stuff. She has sass that lasts for days! But these issues also really define the modern, current Kate voice so clearly. And they give us a real leveling of the field between Kate and [original Hawkeye] Clint [Barton], in terms of skill and respect. Part of that is because we see her largely through Clint’s eyes, and he has such a high opinion of her at this point.”

Kate returns to save Clint’s butt
By Matt Fraction, Annie Wu & Matt Hollingsworth

“We actually see her helping Clint in #22, but in #20, she returns in preparation for this, and it says so much about her character. She has been trying her hardest to build a new life, and it’s highly flawed—she has burned down someone’s trailer, she has no money. But she genuinely wants to build that life. Yet the second Clint needs her, she drops the baggage and heads home to help him.”

Aim your bow and arrow with Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero on HAWKEYE #1, coming December 7!