Published December 1, 2023

Meet the Mutts

New to Marvel’s Infinity Comics, ‘Marvel Mutts’ is all about the canine heroes of the Marvel Universe. From Cosmo to Lucky, here’s our roundup of the pack!

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New on Marvel Unlimited from the exclusive Infinity Comics lineup: Dogs are a hero’s best friend, and the mightiest heroes in the Marvel Universe show off their adorable canine companions in new Infinity Comics series MARVEL MUTTS!


This six-part series from creators Mackenzie Cadenhead, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Raúl Angulo is the latest drop from Infinity Comics’ “Friday Funnies,” the line of humor titles designed for fans of all ages. And in MARVEL MUTTS it all goes to the dogs: The pooches of the super-powered are now the stars of their own Marvel Unlimited-exclusive series, and they’ll get in all kinds of cute, cuddly, and (sometimes) mischievous adventures while they show newbie, Mittens, what it’s like to roll with a pack.

“[Marvel Comics Editor in Chief] C.B. Cebulski, a tried-and-true cat lover, called me one day and asked if I’d be interested in writing a ‘Friday Funnies’ series about the dogs of the Marvel U,” Cadenhead recalls on how the series came to be. “And when he said it would be called MARVEL MUTTS, I was in. I honestly think his entire criteria for approaching me was that he knew I was a serious dog lover.”

Giving the story an even more personal touch, MARVEL MUTTS’ debut dog, Mittens, is based on Cadenhead’s own pup! After being adopted by Ms. Marvel, Mittens gets to play and explore with her fellow dogs, all owned by some of the most iconic heroes in Marvel Comics.

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  • First appearance: MARVEL MUTTS #1
  • Likes: Ms. Marvel, eating puzzle pieces
  • Dislikes: Super Villains

2-year-old cockapoo Mittens is that rarest of breeds—a native New Yorker. She was biding her time at the Best Buds Animal Shelter when Ms. Marvel came crashing into her life, literally. It was love at first sight, and the super hero adopted the pup on the spot.

“Not going to lie, she’s become a bit of a diva,” reveals Cadenhead about Mittens’ attitude as the star of her own comic. “But to give credit where it’s due, she and my other dog Holly have been the inspiration for every MARVEL MUTTS story in some way. For example, issue #6, ‘Drop It,’ is based on an exhausting afternoon spent trying to get Mittens to let go of an object she shouldn’t have had in her mouth.”

Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #1.
Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #1.


Hawkeye: Clint Barton has a reputation for being a down-on-his-luck super hero so it makes sense that he’d have a similarly hard-luck pet. After moving to Brooklyn, Barton adopted Lucky and saved the one-eyed good boy from the Tracksuit Mafia. Initially nicknamed Pizza Dog for his affinity for cheap neighborhood slices, Clint decided to name his new dog “Lucky.” The canine’s love for the Hawkeyes spreads to Kate Bishop too, who later adopted Lucky as her own and took him with her to Los Angeles and then back to New York City. This pizza lover is a constant companion!

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Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #2.
Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #2.


For a time, Doctor Stephen Strange stepped away from being the Earth’s last line of mystical defense and became a veterinarian instead. Strange lent his medical expertise to animals in need, including an elderly basset hound named Bats. Strange was so enamored with the sweet boy that he ended up adopting Bats, later enchanting him with a spell that translated his usual barks into English. After Bats died of a heart attack during a battle with Loki, the unusually remorseful trickster god repaid Doctor Strange by resurrecting Bats as a ghost. Now, this basset hound from the beyond is Strange’s eternal friend.

Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #4.
Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #4.


Lockjaw is the loyal pet of the Inhuman Royal Family, usually residing with his owners in their kingdom of Attilan. After the Inhumans experimented on a litter of dogs, Lockjaw grew abnormally large, developed superhuman strength and endurance, and the ability to instantly teleport himself—plus anyone with him—to the furthest reaches of the universe. Despite his impressive array of powers, Lockjaw is just a friendly, fetch-loving boy with a particular affection for Black Bolt and Crystal.

Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #3.
Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #3.


  • First appearance: NOVA (2007) #8
  • Likes: Moving things with his mind
  • Dislikes: Space zombies

At the height of the Space Race in the 1960s, the Soviet Union sent out Golden Retriever-Labrador mix Cosmo into the depths of space to test one of their rockets. But during this interplanetary voyage, Cosmo was bombarded with cosmic rays that gave him telepathic and telekinetic abilities plus significantly slowed his aging. Decades later, Nova: Richard Rider met Cosmo on the space station Knowhere, with the wise dog helping the hero overcome the deadly Transmode Virus. Cosmo went on to provide the Guardians of the Galaxy shelter on Knowhere and has been a valuable ally to the team ever since.

Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #2.
Preview panels from MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC (2023) #2.

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