Published October 14, 2021

Watch the New Trailer for 'Hawkeye: Kate Bishop' #1

Look inside the new issue today, then read it on November 17!

Kate Bishop's heading home! Or at least back to New York. And as much as she wants to go back to where her friends—her chosen family—are, she's changed since she was last on the East Coast.

So, being the private eye that she is, Kate's picked up a pit stop case first. A confidence-booster, to prove to herself she's making the right decision and not going to backslide into her past just by changing time zones. Besides, the case is perfect: Swanky resort? Check. Jewel heist? Check. Almost definitely 100% a trap? Check.

On November 17, head to your local comic shop to read HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP #1!

Written by Marieke Nijkamp with art by Enid Balám, inks by Oren Junior and colors by Brittany Peer, the series opens an exciting new era of Kate's life. 

“She’s racked up quite a bit of experience running a very successful and definitely-very-legal-and-licensed private eye business,” Nijkamp told Bustle, adding, “Because Kate’s story is in flux right now, it’s the perfect time to jump on board for the adventure... You don’t need to know where she was to enjoy the journey.”

Watch the trailer above, look inside the ish with the gallery below, pre-order with your local comic shop today, then read it on November 17! Got it? Good!

HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP #1 cover by Jahnoy Lindsay



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