Published March 5, 2021

Explore the Mystery Behind the World of 'Heroes Reborn' in Newly Revealed Covers

See covers for issues #5-7 and series tie-ins starring your favorite heroes like you've never seen them before!

The expansive tapestry that makes up the world of HEROES REBORN continues to be revealed! Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness’ incredible new take on the Marvel Universe where the Avengers never assembled and the Squadron Supreme took their place as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes starts in May. But that’s only the beginning. On sale in June, this unpredictable story marches to its startling climax in HEROES REBORN #5-7 as the history and future of this new world is unveiled.

Heroes Reborn #5-7
HEROES REBORN (2021) #5-7, Covers by Leinil Francis Yu

In HEROES REBORN #5, witness a riot at the Ravencroft Asylum! Nighthawk must descend alone into a realm of madness, surrounded by the most deranged members of his notorious rogues’ gallery, including his archenemy, the maniacal Goblin.

HEROES REBORN #6 will turn the spotlight on the fabled daughter of Utopia Isle known as Power Princess. She’s defeated the All-Gog, Gorr the God Butcher and the King in Black, but now she must venture into the ruins of Asgard, where something unexplained is stirring in the graveyard of the gods.

And the matchup you’ve been waiting for arrives in HEROES REBORN #7! Together they ended the Kree/Skrull war, defeated Dr. Doom in his Secret War and even endured their own civil war between Hyperion and Nighthawk, but now the Squadron Supreme of America faces their greatest challenge yet: a mysterious new group of troublemakers called the Avengers.

June will also bring a series of new Heroes Reborn one-shots from all-star creative teams!

This is the Squadron’s world, and the age of vigilantes is over. Police Commissioner Luke Cage has one job: Find the scum and eliminate them – before ambition takes them beyond the city streets. Backed by the Squadron Supreme, Commissioner Cage takes care of criminals who’ve escaped justice in HEROES REBORN: AMERICAN KNIGHTS by writer Paul Grist and artist Christopher Allen.

Heroes Reborn: American Knights

Meet Nightbird in HEROES REBORN: NIGHT-GWEN by writer Vita Ayala and artist Farid Karami. By day, Dr. Gwendolyn Stacy is Ravencroft Asylum’s leading psychiatrist. But by night, she dons the guise of the vigilante known as Nightbird! But how did this happen? Why did this happen? And what does Kyle Richmond, the Nighthawk, have to do with it?

Heroes Reborn: Night-Gwen

Writer Tim Seeley and artist Dan Jurgens bring you a tale from the Squadron’s past in HEROES REBORN: MARVEL DOUBLE ACTION! Years ago, Nighthawk and his trusted partner, the Falcon, patrolled the streets of Washington, DC, from the vile criminals that lurked in the dark. But that all changed one fateful night… Re-presenting for the first time ever: The Night Sam Wilson Died!

Heroes Reborn: Marvel Double Action

Elektra leads a team of the world’s deadliest heroes and villains in HEROES REBORN: SQUADRON SAVAGE written by Ethan Sacks and drawn by Luca Pizzari! There are some threats that require a more savage approach than the Squadron Supreme of America can offer. For those missions, the Department of Defense has put together a team consisting of Elektra, the Punisher, Crossbones, Cloak and the enigmatic new character, Murder Hornet.

Heroes Reborn: Squadron Savage

Finally, the Squadron Supreme protects and defends the interests of America but where does that leave a country like Canada? Who will stand up and protect them from the supremacy of the Squadron? Meet WEAPON X & FINAL FLIGHT by Ed Brisson and artist Roland Boschi. They’re the best there is at what they do!

Weapon X & Final Flight

Stay tuned for even more exciting HEROES REBORN news coming your way, including the reveal of the epic double-sized finale issue!

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