Published November 6, 2019

How 'New Mutants' #1 Takes the Dawn of X to New Heights

Spoiler alert! Get a full breakdown of all the events in today's new X-Men issue!

Warning! This article contains spoilers for today's NEW MUTANTS #1, so read on at your own risk, True Believers!

The AGE OF X-MAN era wasn’t very kind to the New Mutants, as two of the group’s original members perished, while two others were either maimed or depowered. But that dark age is over, and the Dawn of X has unleashed new light. Co-writers Ed Brisson and Jonathan Hickman have joined forces with artist Rod Reis for NEW MUTANTS #1, and they've brought a considerably lighter tone with them.

NEW MUTANTS #1 cover by Rod Reis
NEW MUTANTS #1 cover by Rod Reis

A flashback to Wolfsbane’s resurrection occurs in the opening pages, after her violent death during the most recent UNCANNY X-MEN run. Rahne Sinclair’s return from the afterlife was overseen by Storm, who warmly welcomed her back into this world. And that’s a far cry from the animosity between them in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #270 during THE X-TINCTION AGENDA. For the first time in a long time, Rahne truly seems at peace in the aftermath of her death.

While Rahne’s return made her content, Sunspot’s resurrection appears to have only made him even cockier than before. Roberto da Costa wasn’t exactly lacking in confidence before perishing in WAR OF THE REALMS: UNCANNY X-MEN #3. But if death is no longer to be feared, then it’s easy to see why Bobby’s sunny disposition just can’t be contained. Not even getting stranded in Shi’ar space can bring him down. But we’ll get back to that.

Meanwhile, on Krakoa, Doug Ramsey has established that Mondo’s body can be a conduit for Krakoa’s consciousness. However, the island itself had more of a moral problem with possessing Mondo than Doug did. Doug even ordered Krakoa to make the attempt without asking Mondo’s permission. Perhaps that’s why Doug laughed off Mondo’s threat if he ever did it again. Doug knows what he did was wrong, but would he do it again?

Regardless of that conflict, the New Mutants founders and two Generation X veterans, Mondo and Chamber, appearing to be getting along well. With nothing better to do, they booked a ride for themselves on the Starjammers’ ship to visit Sam Guthrie (AKA Cannonball) and bring him home; this is following up on a thread that Hickman established in his AVENGERS (2012) run. Sam and Izzy Kane (AKA Smasher) have settled down to raise their child on another planet. It’s hard to see Sam being willing to give that up just to go partying with his friends on Earth.

And it’s here that things began to go wrong for the New Mutants. In no time at all, they’ve managed to alienate the Starjammers. And in turn, the Starjammers showed little remorse about leaving them behind to take the fall for their latest heist. This can’t be what Cyclops had in mind when he gave Corsair a Krakoan gateway flower in X-MEN #1. And it will probably be really awkward the next time Corsair comes back to the moon for a family dinner.

Despite the setback, Bobby keeps claiming that he knows a good “space lawyer.” He’d better hope so, or else the New Mutants might just spend the Dawn of X behind bars.

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