Published August 20, 2020

How ‘Thor’ #6 Rocks the Marvel Universe to Its Core

Does Thor’s greatest battle doom the entire universe to destruction?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for THOR #6, so read on at your own risk, True Believers!

Ever since the launch of this year’s THOR, Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein have been building towards the battle with the Black Winter, the force that destroyed the previous incarnation of the Marvel Universe. We’ve seen it destroy Distinguished Champions in a heroic league from another world. It also tossed Galactus around like a rag doll. But now, the Black Winter is no more. In this week’s THOR #6, the All-Father of Asgard has achieved his greatest victory. Why, then, does the universe tremble at what comes next? And why is the Odinson so haunted?

Thor #6
THOR (2020) #6 cover by Olivier Coipel

It’s because Thor was given a vision by the Black Winter as it died. And the Black Winter’s final message may spell doom for the Marvel Universe. Before destroying the Black Winter, Thor passed judgment on Galactus and executed the Devourer of Worlds. Galan of Taa, the last survivor of the previous universe, is no more.

Aside from the Fantastic Four, few heroes had a connection to Galactus like Thor. It was within the pages of THOR (1966) #169 that Galactus’ past as Galan was first revealed. Galactus has come into conflict with Thor many times, but the God of Thunder still helped Reed Richards save the Devourer years ago in FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #243-244. Why did Thor choose to slay Galactus now?

Galactus and Thor’s relationship became extremely tense in THOR #1 when the Devourer revealed that the Black Winter appeared to him as the being who would kill him. Naturally, Galactus saw Thor. Perhaps in a bid to cheat his fate, Galactus transformed Thor into his new Herald and added the Power Cosmic to Thor’s already immense abilities.

Thor #6
THOR (2020) #6

Thor didn’t exactly agree to let anyone become his master, let alone Galactus. The two butted heads while collecting powers from special planets that would give Galactus the boost he needed to fight the Black Winter. For Thor, the last straw came in issue #4 when Galactus destroyed the planet Kryo before its people could escape. Tragically, the people of Kryo only wanted to stand with Thor and Galactus against the oncoming darkness. Their bravery was rewarded only by death.

But there was another reason for Thor’s decision. After striking Galactus down, Thor allowed the Black Winter to descend upon the body before using Galactus as a cosmic bomb. The subsequent explosion turned the Black Winter into a mere snowflake. As a parting shot to Thor, the Black Winter revealed that the Odinson will die at the hands of Thanos and a horde of zombified heroes. The Mad Titan was also wielding Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, as a receptacle for the Infinity Stones.

Thor #6
THOR (2020) #6

When last seen in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #12, Thanos’ attempt to rise from his grave was seemingly thwarted. But Thanos has escaped Death’s icy grip before. Even Galactus has died before, back in the miniseries GALACTUS THE DEVOURER. Galactus’ death led to the release of Abraxas, the embodiment of destruction. Will Abraxas once again be set free by Galactus’ demise? Or is there something even more terrifying on the horizon?

Thor will find out soon enough. But a mere glimpse at the shape of things to come has already left the All-Father shaken to his core. Thor can’t hide from the future forever, and that dark tomorrow may be just around the corner in the pages of THOR.

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