Published January 20, 2023

'Immoral X-Men' #1 First Look Pits Emma Frost Against Mister Sinister

In a special first look at 'Immoral X-Men' #1, Emma Frost challenges Mister Sinister when she discovers him working on something that looks a little familiar...

Mutantkind's future seems pretty Sinister in a new first look at Kieron Gillen and Paco Medina's IMMORAL X-MEN (2023) #1, which takes place a decade into SINS OF SINISTER.

Before IMMORTAL X-MEN became IMMORAL X-MEN, the title offered up a stunning reveal: Mister Sinister had corrupted Professor X, a pinnacle member of the Quiet Council. Even though Sinister himself was banished to the Pit of Exile for the crime of killing Hope Summers, a critical member of the Five, his plan can continue with his proxy at the helm… but not even Sinister can predict where that will leave him in ten years' time.

In IMMORAL X-MEN #1, a decade has passed since Mister Sinister successfully enacted his plan. Now, the X-Men exist in a world that adores and respects them... and yet, they still yearn to crush it. In the meantime, Emma Frost will vent her frustrations by taking a few minutes out to crush Mister Sinister.

A special first look at IMMORAL X-MEN #1 finds Professor X and Emma Frost sporting Sinister's signature red diamond on their foreheads as they enjoy another beautiful day on Krakoa. Meanwhile, Sinister appears to be wandering the city streets as a free man… until Emma finds him hard at work in his lab, at least. She attacks him with a chain, only for him to defend himself with one of his inventions. However, his attempts to resist are futile, with Emma choking him out as she gazes upon his latest creation: Rasputin of HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X fame.

Behold Mister Sinister's latest creation in this special first look at IMMORAL X-MEN #1 below!

IMMORAL X-MEN #1 interior artwork by Paco Medina

On Sale 2/22

How will Sinister scheme his way out of this one? Find out in IMMORAL X-MEN #1, on sale February 22!

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