Published February 5, 2019

Get An Inside Look of Marvel: Powers Of A Girl

Our very own Lorraine Cink's book features 65 women who punched the sky and changed the universe!

The Marvel Universe is full of lionhearted ladies, galactic gals, daring dames, bad baes and so much more. In a brand new collection from Marvel host Lorraine Cink, with art from illustrator Alice X. Zhang, out now wherever books are sold, "Powers of A Girl" dives into the world and stories behind all of your favorite women in the Marvel Universe. 

"Powers of A Girl" showcases 65 women who punched the sky and changed the universe, including Captain Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Shuri, Ms. Marvel, Wasp, America Chavez, and many more.

In honor of a certain hero joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe next month, we've got a special preview showcasing the extraordinary abilities and history of Carol Danvers, her ferocious feline, and another pioneering powerhouse, Monica Rambeau. Higher, further, faster, baby.

Marvel Powers Of A Girl
Powers Of A Girl - Intro
Powers Of A Girl - Intro
Powers Of A Girl - Captain Marvel
Powers Of A Girl - Captain Marvel
Powers Of A Girl - Captain Marvel
Powers Of A Girl - Monica Rambeau
Powers Of A Girl - Monica Rambeau
Powers Of A Girl - Animal Companions

This book showcases the amazing stories, personal victories, and powers of dozens of extraordinary Marvel heroes. "Powers of A Girl" is sure to excite people of all ages who are looking for inspiration and a little bit of themselves in the heroes they love.

We know you'll be inspired by the incredible tales of heroic beginnings and daring feats in "Powers of A Girl." For when inspiration strikes, we recommend scribbling away in a "Captain Marvel: Fly Higher!" empowerment journal from Clarkson Potter and doing one brave thing every day. Pick it up here!

Captain Marvel inspiration journal

The "Captain Marvel: Fly Higher!" journal is packed with thoughtful prompts and words of encouragement, inspiring confidence and acceptance, and encouraging everyone to love themselves–and others–for who they truly are.

Pick up "Powers of A Girl" and "Captain Marvel: Fly Higher!" both available now!

For more on "Powers of A Girl," watch a brand new episode of Earth's Mightiest Show below!




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