Published April 24, 2019

‘Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter’ Creators Share Their Favorite "Purple Moments"

The complete collection of the Marvel Digital Original by Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis is available now!

As if Jessica Jones hasn’t been through enough, now one of her biggest fears has come for her baby daughter, Dani. In the Marvel Digital Original JESSICA JONES: PURPLE DAUGHTER – on sale now – Jessica’s daughter with husband Luke Cage came home purple, causing everything in the super-powered family’s lives to descend into a new darkness.

The complete collection of the Marvel Digital Original series includes issues #1-3, and the creators – writer Kelly Thompson and artist Mattia De Iulis – have shared their favorite “purple moments” from their story.

Kelly Thompson

Purple, for Jess, means trauma. It's a literal trigger for her at this point. And JESSICA JONES: PURPLE DAUGHTER is all about trauma. Trauma never really leaves us and new trauma -- fresh wounds can easily cause old wounds to be opened. Almost all my favorite moments in JESSICA JONES: PURPLE DAUGHTER are sad, but there's also magnificent beauty and kindness among the sadness -- because Jessica is incredible. She's a survivor, she's a good woman, she's a work in progress. So I picked a few moments that show off some of those things. It's worth saying that none of these moments would work at all without Mattia de Iulis's fantastic art which, without hyperbole, is why this story was even possible.

1. Jessica facing the truth: The first time she says out loud her greatest fears about what has happened to her daughter. Easily one of my favorite scenes from the book. As a person, Jessica has to admit to herself what is happening as a private detective she has to find a way to investigate it.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter

2. Jessica apologizing to and thanking an unconscious Emma Frost for coming to her aid, for being a friend that she didn't expect, and then, in typical heroic Jess fashion, pledging to come back for her.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter

3. Jessica and Luke are relationship goals. I won't say where this panel comes from in the book, but it could have come from anywhere, to be honest. They know how to be there for one another, they know how to get through the rough stuff. They also know how to both appreciate Emma Frost's diamond boobs. (Not in this panel, but it's definitely in the book!) They're one of the best couples in the Marvel Universe.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter

I love all those little moments, but in truth, my real favorite moment is in Chapter Five. But I wouldn't dare to spoil it. It lands so perfectly when you're reading it -- I'd never steal that "YES!" moment from readers!

Mattia De Iulis

JESSICA JONES: PURPLE DAUGHTER is an intense and very sad story. Kelly Thompson did an amazing job, I'm so glad I had the chance to work with her, she is the best!

Jessica didn’t have an easy life, and in this story she will live the worst of nightmares. The trauma that conditioned her life, and that she always fought in spite of everything, will resurface. The three moments I chose are sad ones, the kinds that make you stop and keep staring at the monitor without reading the script. I felt Jess's feelings while I was drawing. I spent more than a year with her. To me, she is like a dear friend!

1. Jessica lost in her thoughts while watching her sleeping daughter. It's a very intense page. I can't even imagine how painful it can be for a mother to experience a trauma like that. I believe it's one of Jessica's most desperate moments.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter

2. Jessica’s pain getting in the way of her love for Dani. This really hit me since it perfectly shows what’s happening: her pain that emerges even while she’s trying to spend a sweet moment with Dani. It’s painful when what you love most reminds you of your trauma.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter

3. Jessica and Luke. This one is not sad at all, actually! I love Jess and Luke, they’re one of the most beautiful couples in the entire Marvel universe. I love how complicated they are, while always being there during hard times to overcome them together.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter

It was difficult to choose these moments. There are so many others, but I don't want to spoil them! I want the reader to live them without knowing anything in advance. Be prepared, because this story is a hurricane of emotions!

JESSICA JONES: PURPLE DAUGHTER, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Mattia De Iulis, is on sale now online, in bookstores, and at your local comic shop!

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter


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