Published October 28, 2021

Get Your First Look as Kamala Khan Goes 'Beyond the Limit'

'Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit' #1 arrives in comic shops on December 8!

After an explosion of interdimensional proportions at her cousin’s lab in Chicago, Kamala Khan's world is turned upside down....and into a Bollywood set?! Ms. Marvel's powers are on the fritz and time is running out to uncover what exactly is going on.

Kamala has been an Avenger, a Champion, and even the Chosen One…what comes next? Find out as it all begins on December 8 with MS. MARVEL: BEYOND THE LIMIT #1!

MS. MARVEL: BEYOND THE LIMIT #1 cover by Mashal Ahmed
MS. MARVEL: BEYOND THE LIMIT #1 cover by Mashal Ahmed

Written by New York Times best-selling author Samira Ahmed (Love, Hate, & Other Filters, Internment, Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Know) with art by RUNAWAYSAndrés Genolet, MS. MARVEL: BEYOND THE LIMIT will carry Kamala to new heights, diving deeper into her powers and the strength behind what makes her a hero. 

“Fans that have been there from day one will love to see how we're playing around with her powers, exploring them, and maybe pushing them," Ahmed told Entertainment Weekly. "I don't want to give any spoilers, but there are gonna be some questions that arise about the source of her powers and what that means.

“We're definitely going to have some food in there, we're definitely gonna have some pretty striking South Asian cultural elements that people are gonna see right off the bat in the series. There are gonna be some familiar faces and fan favorites, but also some new faces... Willow and then Saladin have created such an incredible world. I'm just excited to explore it and even push it out a little further."

Get your first look inside ish #1 with the gallery below, pre-order with your local comic shop today, then read MS. MARVEL: BEYOND THE LIMIT #1 on December 8!

MS. MARVEL: BEYOND THE LIMIT #1 preview art by Andrés Genolet with colors by Triona Farrell



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