Published October 2, 2018

Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero Will Take Captain Marvel on Her Next Adventure

'Captain Marvel #1' will debut in January 2019 with a cover by Amanda Conner!

Carol Danvers will continue her reign as the "Boss of Space" into 2019! CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 will makes its debut January 2, 2019 with Kelly Thompson on board as the writer and art by Carmen Carnero, with color by Tamra Bonvillain. Also revealed in the announcement was the powerful cover for the first issue by Amanda Conner! This issue will mark a new journey for Earth's mightiest hero after celebrating 50 years since the introduction of Carol Danvers.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 will bring Danvers back to New York City where she will face new threats and obstacles. According to the New York Times, "[t]he series will reconnect Captain Marvel with allies like Iron Man and her best friend Spider-Woman, as well as offer new relationships." Thompson told the Times: “There will definitely be some romance and it may be someone we all know and have seen before in Marvel Comics.”

Cover art by Amanda Conner

Cover art by Amanda Conner

Captain Marvel cover spoke with Thompson for some additional insight into continuing the story of Carol Danvers during one of the most exciting times the character has ever seen. The writer said it was "an awesome opportunity, more important now than ever" as well as a chance to connect with existing fans and new fans discovering Captain Marvel for the first time. Thompson said CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 will be a "brand new jumping-on point" that will "spring off" the events of Margaret Stohl's LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL, a series that said she "loved" and credited the creative team of Stohl and artists Carlos Pacheco, Marguerite Sauvage, and Marco Menyz on color.


Art by Carmen Carnero

Art by Carmen Carnero

Captain marvel artwork

Thompson said that CAPTAIN MARVEL is meant to serve as a "good access point to fall in love with Carol Danvers." She added, "She's so relatable, so human, so fallible... and she always gets up."

Previously, Thompson wrote for Carol Danvers in A-FORCE and CAPTAIN MARVEL AND THE CAROL CORPS with Kelly Sue DeConnick. She said that after taking Carol on so many journeys, the new series "feels like coming home."


Art by Carmen Carnero

Art by Carmen Carnero

Captain Marvel artwork

CAPTAIN MARVEL #1, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Carmen Carnero, color by Tamra Bonvillain, and a cover by Amanda Conner, goes on sale Wednesday, January 2! Stay tuned to for more news about this series and more!



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